UV Flatbed Printer for Travelling Suitcases

The X5 UV flatbed printer is a high-performance UV flatbed printer with a sturdy layout for commercial printing. It can print full-size sheets of as much as four3.3″ x 24″ (or 1,100 x 610 mm) in 2 minutes, and features the latest print head innovation. It prints in CMYK, plus 2 nontransparent, UV LED-curable white inks. You can also buy optional varnish to protect your prints.
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LED UV printing creates sharp, long lasting prints. It is much more cost-effective than typical printing approaches and also enables you to personalize your travel luggage. If you desire an item that is truly distinct as well as stands apart from the group, custom UV printing is the way to go. ArtisJet uses 2 professional LED UV printers that can print on any kind of substratum, including travel luggage.
uv flatbed printer on Travelling Suitcase
UV flatbed printing is different from other printing approaches, such as silk testing. The UV flatbed printer applies the ink to the product and afterwards dries it off prior to it comes out of the printer. The outcome is a high-quality print with rich information as well as vivid colors. UV flatbed printing additionally takes on damage much better than typical printing techniques.
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The Jucolor-9090 UV Flatbed Printer approves up to 50cm of media thickness, allowing it to publish on a selection of materials. It likewise has a big table, which can cater for bigger productions. It additionally features high-power suction to keep the material still and also avoid it from slipping throughout printing. In addition, 2 different unfavorable stress systems ensure that the ink moves continuously.