In Japan, anime has ended up being a prominent type of amusement and also many people enjoy to acquire wall posters, sticker labels, clothes, style devices and other points related to this wonderful globe. As a result, they additionally intend to reveal their love for the anime world by embellishing their cars and trucks with amazing layouts of these personalities.
These automobiles are known as itasha (Tong che?) in Japan as well as they’re all over the country. They’re usually decorated with anime, manga, as well as video game character graphics and also logo designs.
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This trend has actually spread out throughout the nation, with itasha lovers driving around in FD Mazda RX-7s and Nissan S14s dressed up with all-over woman und panzer anime livery. Some rowdy motorists have actually even covered their vehicles with fan art from My Hero Academia, like SNTRL fanatic Darren Balico’s Tesla Model 3.
Itasha aren’t just a fad in Japan, though! Itasha enthusiasts have been spreading out the fad overseas. Some JDM lovers have actually also welcomed it, and it’s coming to be much more preferred with the Bosozoku subculture.
There are a number of Japanese car trends that have made their method to the United States, primarily due to the popularity of the Fast as well as Furious series. There’s also the Bippu subculture, which involves customizing deluxe cars to include large wheels and aggressive position.
The Bosozoku community is renowned for their over-the-top adjustments, yet there’s one more team of Japanese automobile enthusiasts that does not get virtually as much interest. These happy Otakus are smudging their cars with stickers of characters from Japanese computer animation and also video games, as well as logo designs from comics!

They’re called itasha due to the fact that it’s a union of words “itai” or “ouch” and “sha,” which means “automobile.” Itasha enthusiasts think it’s a cool way to show their love for anime as well as they don’t really appreciate what anybody else thinks.
These itasha enthusiasts do not mind if various other vehicle drivers factor at them, laugh, or perhaps call them an embarrassment due to the fact that they simply love their anime as well as desire others to see it. It’s an indicator of how huge their fandom is, as well as just how much they’re prepared to sacrifice for it.
Itasha are usually discovered in places such as Akihibara (Tokyo), Nipponbashi (Osaka) as well as Osu (Nagoya). They’re additionally included in personalized computer game.
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Some itasha lovers are also participating in real motorsport events. For instance, the GLAD Racing BMW team went into Hatsune Miku-themed Xpeng P7s in Super GT races in 2008 and also 2009 [8] The MOLA Nissan 350Z Kagamine Rin and Len Itasha was a part of the Suzuka 1000km race in 2008; it ended up sixth and also claimed the team’s initial title in the GT300 class.
There are likewise massive exhibitions of itasha that have actually been held in recent years. Several of these exhibits have been in combination with cosplay occasions and have attracted massive groups. In 2018 the Odaiba Itasha Tengoku collected more than 1,000 itasha from across the nation and also combined followers of the otaku culture, and vehicle proprietors also.
These itasha cars are not only an excellent means to share your love for anime, however they’re likewise a great deal of enjoyable! These automobiles are additionally a wonderful way to attract new consumers and also promote your service.