In a space that is significantly coming to be the heart of the home, the kitchen area, homeowners are searching for ways to make it their very own. From color to counter top materials, there is no shortage of choices readily available to them. But a material that is usually ignored is among the oldest as well as most functional: terrazzo.
terrazzo floor polish
Terrazzo is a composite product that makes use of chips of marble, granite, quartz and also glass embeded in cement to produce an elegantly smooth coating. It stemmed over 500 years ago in Italy as a method to recycle remaining marble chippings, as well as it’s making its method into the contemporary residence as one of the best new kitchen counter patterns.
The elegance of terrazzo is that there are limitless combinations of shades and also appearances to select from to produce a style that suits your individuality as well as design. It’s also less costly than other products, like granite and marble. It can be ended up in a variety of various means, consisting of refined, which offers it a soft matte appearance, or polished for a shiny shine. It’s likewise very easy to clean, which is necessary in a hectic cooking area. The surface area is naturally immune to spots, and routine cleansing with a PH-neutral cleaner will certainly maintain it looking wonderful.
terrazzo tile floor
But maybe one of the most essential consideration when taking into consideration terrazzo countertops is how durable they are. Because they are made up of a combination of aggregates, the stamina of the counters depends on just how snugly the mix is held together. There are 2 sorts of matrix material that can be utilized in terrazzo: epoxy and also cement. Epoxy is the most preferred option since it is water-resistant and will certainly not stain when it is available in call with acids such as a glass of wine as well as citric acid.
A good terrazzo contractor will use a top quality binder as well as aggregates to ensure the counters are strong and also long-lasting. They will certainly likewise apply a sealant to secure the counters from moisture as well as chemicals. Similar to any kind of surface, the terrazzo needs to be resealed every 10 years to preserve its sturdiness and look.
white terrazzo worktop
While the first financial investment is more than various other materials, a reliable terrazzo kitchen counter will certainly last for decades. It is an attractive, unique as well as functional enhancement to any kind of cooking area, and it’s worth the financial investment.