The Benefits of Buying a Used Bus Over a New Bus

The Benefits of Buying a Used Bus Over a New Bus

When it comes to shuttle buses, it makes sense to purchase a reconditioned bus over one fresh off of the assembly line. Though both new and used are considered first class transportation, there are definitely pros and cons to each made. Here are some of the key benefits to know about purchasing a pre-owned bus.


You can generally find a warranty on a new vehicle that will cover any failures that may occur a production run. A warranty is also key when buying a used vehicle as well. Simply because the bus is pre-owned does not mean there is no warranty left on it. If a pre-owned vehicle is ever put on the assembly line for repair, the manufacturer will stand behind the vehicle for a certain amount of time. This is different from a new vehicle that is covered by the original factory warranty. Depending on the school bus company, the factory warranty may be the better option.

Multiple Vehicles

If there are multiple bus buyers in your area, it is easier to jazz up the fleet with a pre-owned unit. This may be especially useful if the bus needs replacement parts in the future. With only one vehicle on the lot, it is easier to order parts and get them delivered in on time. Second, many times, a used unit allows for considerably lower prices than a new one. Prices used lower than a brand new bus because the private owner does not have to pay the entire price. In addition, the operating profit is likely to be higher associated with a pre-owned vehicle.


Buses are an expense, but they are not as costly as buying a new car. When you buy one, the price is added to your monthly payments, which makes the cost of owning a bus much less than a new car. For this reason, owning a pre-owned bus is a financially sound decision.

If you are considering buying a bus, here are a few tips to make it easier. First, find a school or another organization to buy the bus from. This is most likely to be a more manageable option than buying from a private seller. Getting the finances in order will make the process run smoother. Second, search the classified ads of your city orJournalism in your area to see if there are buses on the market. These ads are good because they are not only graphical but offer the description of the bus along with photos.

Once you find the bus you want to purchase, get a good Understanding of your purchase. Review warranties, driving records, maintenance records, and if the bus has been used for any tour of duty. If you are buying from a private party, know who the seller is and if there are any records of damage.

Take the bus for a test drive. Lift up the hood and look underneath. What do you hear? Are there any strange noises? Check all of the accessory and safety components. What are the electrics like? Is the air conditioning as it should be? How does the clutch feel and operate? How does the engine sound and accelerate? Is the interior of the bus comfortable and clean?

Now that you’ve performed the research, performed the test drive, and inspected the bus, its time to negotiate. Try to negotiate a lower price than you were expecting to pay, but be wary of negotiating too low. Remember that you want to match what you are paying for the bus. With some buses it is better to pay a little more than you imagined.

If you are buying from a private party, negotiate the price. Stress not selling the bus. If you are happy with the deal, thank the seller and continue your search.

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