Whistler WS1010 Analog Handheld Scanner (Black)

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Lock-out Function – skip over specified channels or frequencies when scanning or searching

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I began purchasing the extend warranty offer when I bought my son a new cellphone last year. When his cellphone went south and became unusable, I contacted ASURION . It??s was great ! They had a record of all my active warranties, which meant I don??t have to keep up with a bunch of papers and receipts!
~The customer service was great,.
~they sent us a new phone Hassle FREE!
~I still have 2 years of coverage remaining .

Based on this one Great experience:
I now spend the extra money for the extended warranty on the majority of my electronic purchases..It??s so worthwhile. And I know I won??t have to spend another $50+ on the exact same item for at least 3 years! I work very hard for my money and there??s nothing I despise more than; saving to buy something and have it brake 5 days after warranty expires!

The original warranty with electronic is vague and often hard to get manufacturers to hold up there end .
Then they tell me to take it to authorize service center…they definitely dont want to replace their defective product.

I truly think the asurion warranty is worth every penny ~! No hassle help when my stuff breaks! I really tell my family to always get this warranty if it??s available. It??s saved me lots of headaches and nasty emails to electronic manufacturing warranty departments!

I hope this info is helpful, I??ve had Nothing but good experience with My warranty purchase/.

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My product – a Samaung Level U Pro ANC is not the worlds most inexpensive bluetooth earphones, but I have been satisfied with Samsung wireless audio in the past and wanted to try our Noise Cancelling Headphones.

The plan I chose is “ASURION 3 Year Portable Electronic Accident Protection Plan with Tech Support $70-79.99” Sounds good and reasonable, right? WRONG. There are actually VERY FEW circumstances where accidents are indeed covered. Actually, you should read through the 5 pages of fine print legal documentation before proceeding. I still cannot find where it says that my product isn’t covered.

I left the headphones on my bedside table and the dog ended up chewing the headphones. NORMALLY PEOPLE WOULD CALL THAT AN ACCIDENT. However – they considered this to be damage done by a third party, and said this is not covered. Honestly, I cannot find in the fine print where it actually says that. They sent me a computer link to a list of reasons not to cover which seems to be completely different from the actual brochure. We cannot reasonably be expected to abide by an updated policy, can we?

They proceeded to forward me onto Samsung Manufacturer warranty claims and proceeded to tell me the headphones should be covered by them LOL! Anything to get me off the phone with them and onto the next person.

Bottom line: Bait and switch technique. They represent the claim to be so easy and simple, but you will need to be a lawyer to fully understand the terms. This is truly unreasonable. What a junk service! Buy this if you would like to feel violated!
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Customer Questions & Answers


NO you do not need an “OUTSIDE” Antenna! In fact some may even DAMAGE your scanner! One Addition might be a Long Telescoping Antenna with a BNC Connection available on AMAZON that does in fact HELP your reception without damaging your scanner. Don’t plan on “RUNNING AROUND” though when it is Connected and extended!!??

how do you get codes for your area
Answer: The Quick Start Guide tells you to go to www.radioreference.com to locate a list of frequencies in your area.

is this scanner narrowband?

Yes it is on most Bands at 12.5 kHz.
29-54 MHz (5 kHz steps)
FM87.3-107.9 MHz (100 kHz steps)??

We cannot pick anything up. All static. Occasionally fire department. What’s the problem?
Answer: Sounds like an antenna problem. Make sure the built-in antenna is securely connected. Also try an external antenna if that doesn’t work.

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Whistler WS1010 Analog Handheld Scanner (Black)
Whistler WS1010 Analog Handheld Scanner (Black)
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