Westek MLC4BC Indoor Plug-in Motion Activated Light Control

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MOTION SENSING LIGHT CONTROL – automatically turns on when you enter a room; never fumble for a light switch in the dark again

Top Positive Review

The one pictured in the description (with the bubble like sensor) did not work worth beans. It sometimes took a good 20 seconds of moving around to sense motion, and sometimes didn’t turn off until I unplugged it. Worthless. I requested an exchange and they immediately sent me this newer model (with the flat sensor). This thing RULES! It works flawlessly for the little lamp I have in the bathroom. Timer is accurate to the second and speaking of which, even has a 4s mode. I tried it and it works but I imagine you would only want this around some stairs or a hallway? Otherwise if you stand still for 4 seconds it goes off and takes 3-4 seconds to reset. I would have given this new model a complete 5 stars but I DID have to go through the hassle of testing the first one and taking the other to UPS to be shipped back (at their expense mind you… so that’s not as bad)

Top Critical Review

I purchased this motion switch to turn on a lamp at the bottom of a flight of stairs. I positioned it at the bottom of the stairway looking up the stairs, so it would turn on the lamp when I approached the bottom step or when I began descending the steps from the top. I set the time adjustment so the light would remain on long enough for me to transit the stairway. From the description, it seemed like it would be a perfect application for this device. Not so. Despite numerous tries at re-positioning or shielding the device, I could not get it to turn on the lamp while I descended the stairs. It appears that it does not detect motion directly toward the eye, only motion across the field of the eye. Realizing this, I now have it aimed so it sees me enter the the top landing. It works, but unfortunately it also turns on the light whenever I pass by the top landing on my way to the next room. (If I aim or shield it so it doesn’t see me until I am on the upper steps, it does not work.)

Customer Questions & Answers

Can you price match $15.13 at Home Depot?
Answer: No

how can we be sure to get the newer flat rectangular sensor design?
Answer: I just got mine today and it was the newer flat sensor model. I’m not sure if it’s always that way but from many of the reviews it sounds like that is what most people are receiving now.

Is this usable with a 110 VAC LED load?
Answer: yes, i’m using with 100w equivalent led

after detecting motion what is the maximum operation time? I would like to set it to one hour. I see from one of the answers that it can be set to 20
Answer: On the back it has a dial you can set for 1-2-5-10-or 20 minutes. These are the only options it gives you. Great product for the price.

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Westek MLC4BC Indoor Plug-in Motion Activated Light Control
Westek MLC4BC Indoor Plug-in Motion Activated Light Control
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