Wearable MP3 Player 8GB

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?Compact Body & Extremely Lightweight?Foldable and lightweight design ensures carrying it everywhere in your pocket. Comfortable headphones for jogging, running, and even jumping.

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I like it. I use it as an FM receiver. Works great with my Ramsey FM home transmitter that I use with my Satellite TV DVR. It does Bluetooth and something else too. It’s an mp3 player with the 8GB memory card, although I haven’t used it for that. The FM reception is loud and clear, and it will search and find my channel . My only complaint is when I power it on, the volume is always too loud. I must hit the volume down clicker fast several times to reduce it to normal volume. A minor annoyance considering with what I had been putting up with for over 20 yrs.: “Walkman” knock offs by Radio Shack that require a continuous supply of AAA batteries, and those things cost 3 or 4 times as much as this gem, are probably are about 10 times as heavy and break in some way after only a few months of use. Unlike Walkmans, these things will not fall off even if your head is upside down. ? ? ? Thanks to whom ever invented this!

I’m so happy. Get 2 because you will want to keep one charging while the other one is in use. I get over a day of continuous play on 1 charge. Can’t remember, but I think it’s just a few hours to get a charge. All night gets it powerful every time. A pleasant voice will prompt you when the charge is getting low. It’s a fabulous product that I wish I had. This new technology is fabulous. I ordered 2 more, so I will have 4 and enough to share with friends. You can listen to whatever you wish as loud as you want without disturbing or waking up anyone else.

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You may think: what possibly can break in this device having almost no moving parts?
And yet, after 1 use the music from the MicroSD card stopped working – you cannot switch to this mode anymore.
Then after couple of month changing stations just by clicking forward is almost not working – you need to spend 10 minutes clicking on it until it starts working mysteriously…
The BOTTOM LINE – it is piece of crap – very low quality electronically and mechanically.

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Wearable MP3 Player 8GB
Wearable MP3 Player 8GB
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