VR Cover Controller Grips for Meta/Oculus? Quest 2 (Dark Grey)

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? Designed for Meta/Oculus Quest 2 touch controllers: Fit on the controllers perfectly

Top Positive Review

I specifically got these grips for Beat Saber. I was having issues with the controllers slipping out of my hands while playing really intense songs. Sweating or not, I could just never get a really firm grip on my controllers! Adjusting my grip constantly in the middle of songs is irritating. So I tried getting the sword grips off of Etsy, which are the absolute worst btw. Then I got these. **WHICH I LOVE**

If you love Beat Saber as much as me, GET THESE GRIPS. Not convinced? Here are some face punching positive points:
* Comfortable and fit around my hand firmly. And I don’t have small hands. I can get a really good grip on my controller and I don’t feel like I have to adjust my grip every 10 seconds
* Easy to install and fits well on the controllers. The grip attaches firmly and nothing wiggles. I feel safe knowing it won’t suddenly unlatch and throw my controller at my face.
* Looks pretty cool. Not gonna lie.
* Could totally do an Expert+ song now (maybe not a postive to a beginner. They’re unfortunately not magical grips)

Look no further, my friend. You have found the ultimate Beat Saber grips. Prove me wrong.

Top Critical Review

The springs on the buttons are too weak, so the strap seems to go loose around your hand after even 5 minutes of moderate-light use. Somehow even with this looseness issue, half the time the strap feels like it’s cutting off circulation to my hand. The hard edge at the bottom and the way it wedges your hand at the top makes this unfriendly to people with big hands. After using these for just a few months the glue-like rubber that helps keep the strap from moving began to wear down rapidly. I contacted VR Cover because I couldn’t find anywhere to buy replacement straps, VR Cover refused to send me replacements and didn’t offer me any options to purchase replacements. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that I won’t be buying these again unless they’re updated because VR Cover seems to only care about taking my money rather than allowing people to have access to a quality product. This is not a quality product, its materials break in a matter of months and the company that makes it doesn’t give you fair options to repair. It’s either buy a new set of grips, deal with what you have, or find a more comfortable brand that won’t rip you off so outwardly. For the most part, I like VR Cover and the products they sell, but this product is uncomfortable and the service I received is far less than satisfactory. I haven’t tried alternatives but knowing more about the rounded shape of hands now, I’d recommend something like the Kiwi grips instead (particularly of you’re having controller battery issues, given the easy battery access on the Kiwi grips).

Customer Questions & Answers

Whats the return policy?
Answer: I do not know I was satisfied enough

Can these be used with there brand halo covers as well?
Answer: Yes. I did exactly that.

Do they fit in the Oculus case?
Answer: Yea

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VR Cover Controller Grips for Meta/Oculus? Quest 2 (Dark Grey)
VR Cover Controller Grips for Meta/Oculus? Quest 2 (Dark Grey)
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