Victor 99901 TuffCalc Calculator

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Large 12-digit display, sealed rubber keypad, acrylic-protected display

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In my quest for a “silent” calculator that was also NOT the size of a credit card, this is the closest I got. This calculator is mostly silent, more so when it is held and not sitting on a desktop. It has rubber covered buttons, so it does collect dust…a small price to pay for the nearly silent operation. This does not come with instructions beyond a few printed on the back of the box.

This calculator has a feature I have grown to hate…wouldn’t be a big deal if you could turn it off, but you can’t. The Grand Total function makes a large “GT” appear on the screen after more than one entry. To clear the grand total you have to tap the GT button, then a big giant number loads up on the screen.. this number may or may not mean anything to you depending on what you happen to be working on. Then you return to the ON/C-CE button to clear the big number and the “GT” from the screen. This may be a great feature for some businesses, but it should be an option. I put a sticker over the place on the screen where the “GT” appears because it annoys me on two levels…the appearance and because I am forced to perform a task to get rid of a function I don’t want.

Top Critical Review

Works well and has been reliable. But! The only user documentation is on the back of the box. It’s so sketchy that it doesn’t even document all the keys. For example, there’s no explanation of the right-arrow key. No idea what it does. Another example, all I want is a simple one-number store and recall. There are actually buttons labeled this “store” and “recall” but without documentation, it’s impossible to figure out how to use them. (Yes, I’m aware of how to store tax rates but that’s not what I need. I just want store a number that I can use repeatedly. No idea how.)

Customer Questions & Answers

does it have the ability to scroll back over entries and make changes/corrections?
Answer: Scroll no but it does let you go back and erase.

how do you turn off or is automatic?
Answer: It is an automatic power off.

I work in a freezer, will work in extreme cold?
Answer: Not sure, never tried it in the cold.

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Victor 99901 TuffCalc Calculator
Victor 99901 TuffCalc Calculator
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