Uniden BEARCAT 980 40- Channel SSB CB Radio with Sideband NOAA WeatherBand

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STAY CONNECTED: The BEARCAT 980 SSB CB Radio allows you to stay connected while out on the road and is great for people with a long drive ahead of them

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I usually don’t buy extended warranties, except on my car if I buy it new. On most of todays items by the time we usually have an issue the warranty expired or we moved in the case of the last extended warranty I bought on kitchen appliances. Normally if you buy standard items, they are so cheap, by the time they break it’s cheaper to buy it again. I usually look at it in terms of how long is the manufacturer warranty and lets say its three years, in three years do I want to risk $25-$30 for a item that cost me $150. $50 a year isn’t that bad if the item broke within 3 years, ever year after it keeps working I’m winning and I saved $25-$30. In this case though I bought the item to replace a aging CD Player our church uses for services. Since I was the one to recommend it, and several members agreed it seem to be the better of the choices we were looking at, I decided to purchase the warranty on my own so if something does happen in the next three year I can call Asurion and get either the money refunded or a new unit. I’ve do use Asurion for my cell phone, never had a issue with their service, in fact last time I had to do a warranty issue they even said since I have not had a claim in 5+ years (cell phone insurance billed monthly) they waived the deductible for me and even told me to throw away the old phone, so that scored me some memory and a battery! So I guess what I am saying, not all extended warranties are bad, this was affordable, the church is paying for the CD player, so I only had to put out the warranty cost for my peace of mind. Just consider what you are buying, how long the manufacture covers it, and if you want to purchase it go right ahead, I will say there have been times I needed it and it helped, and other times I never used the warranty. The one suggestion I do want to give everyone, they only send you a email confirmation that has the product name, purchase date and a warranty code. You don’t get a certificate or PDF which wish they did. Amazon does a great job of archiving, but do yourself a favor, print the email out and tuck it away somewhere safe. Online email addresses sometimes purge, or lose data, and sometimes even Asurion or Amazon could lose the data. Even in 2019 we still need to use a sheet of paper.

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After going through the whole process, which entails entering your order number, product information, which they already know because it’s in the email they sent you, serial number, DOP, and a whole ton of other information, you get an error… and a choice to chat but of course the chat is only available until 10:30pm. So I tried a different browser and not it’s asking me for the price I paid for the item but when I enter it in, it says it’s incorrect…. more errors. The thing is, they know ALL of this information already and if you don’t have it, it gives them reason to deny your claim. I’ll be sure to contact them via phone or chat tomorrow.

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I asked if it was 100% new or a refurb and you deleted the question. I am now processing a refund/return on this item. Thanks for being a legit seller
Answer: I ordered and paid for a NEW Bearcat 980SSB from gadget-town and got a refurb/used item. If you check that seller’s 100% positive reviews you will find others have had the same experience, yet Amazon has crossed out those reviews and returned the seller’s 100% positive rating. Take that as you will.

how far can you talk on side band on a good night?

There are a number of factors. Band conditions are one. Antennas and radios are another. On the 10 meter Amateur radio band I made it to the Netherlands from California, using only 5 watts on sideband. For the antenna I used a Solarcon A99. The station I contacted had a tower with a yagi antenna. The really nice equipm??

I know this might sound stupid, but I am looking to get this for my Husband (a truck driver). What do sidebands do? When would you use this? Just wondering if I should get him this one or the 880… Thanks!

If your husband wants or needs a radio capable of operating on sidebands, this is NOT radio for him. You would need to get the 980 model rather than this 880 model. Normally truckers operate on AM mode rather than sideband. However a few truckers who have Sideband capable radios will use sideband when they get furth??

Where is the speaker located on this model? On the underside? I tried looking at the manual, but it does not specify it…
Answer: Yes underside. And it does muffle the sound when placed flush with a surface. Mine is mounted using heave velcro on my dash because I didn’t want to drill holes in my SUV. But is a great radio. I have made contacts with England using ssb and a wilson 1000 mag antenna.

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Uniden BEARCAT 980 40- Channel SSB CB Radio with Sideband NOAA WeatherBand
Uniden BEARCAT 980 40- Channel SSB CB Radio with Sideband NOAA WeatherBand
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