Texas Instruments TI-30XS MultiView Teacher Kit Pack

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10 EZ Spot Yellow Calculators

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I bought Epson 16500 with $1000 with this insurance for 4 years. and after 3 years and 6 months, the printer stopped I and Epson failed to fix it. I prepared it to throw to trash, but at last moment remembered that there is insurance. I contacted them. I shipped the product (50 Lb on there expense). within 3 days they mentioned that it is unfixable and refund me 1000 dollars as Amazon gift card in my account. REALLY, it worth. Always buy this insurance especially for expensive and electronic devices

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After buying Asurion, LLC protection for over 20 years!!! YEP. That long. Whenever I buy extended product insurance Asurion always sends me and email for my purchase. WHAT??S LACKING IS THE PRODUCT DESCRIPTION FOR WHAT I??VE JUST INSURED!!! Ok, so here??s where Asurion customer service REALLY earns their Kudos BECAUSE NOW WE BOTH HAVE TO SEARCH FOR THE NUMBER ASSOCIATED WITH THAT POLICY AND PURCHASE RECEIPT!! This is a CORPORATE issue! What year is it, hmmmm? And Asurion cant do a SIMPLE THING like putting a DESCRIPTION of the insured PRODUCT. Nope, just that it was insured for ??$129-$299!?? NOTHING TO DESCRIBE WHAT THE ITEM WAS AS ASSOCIATED TO THE POLICY!!! I have to forward an email to myself with the policy attached with ME providing the Asurion policy/Amazon receipt!! This has to CHANGE!!
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Customer Questions & Answers

Can I purchase 5 calculators?
Answer: They come in sets of ten.

Are these individually packaged or is it one container with 10 unpackaged calculators.? I want to give them to 10 individual students.
Answer: All of our calculators are packaged individually.

Is this calculator battery or solar powered? Thank you!
Answer: Solar powered! This is the best scientific calculator out there

I found them for $125 on school savers ( https://www.schoolsavers.com/ti-30xs-multiview-teacher-kit-school-property-p381c0.aspx) do you price match?
Answer: Teacher took kit $39.98

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Texas Instruments TI-30XS MultiView Teacher Kit Pack
Texas Instruments TI-30XS MultiView Teacher Kit Pack
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