Texas Instruments TI-1795 SV Standard Function Calculator

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Angled Super view display for easy viewing

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There is nothing particularly fantastic or different about this calculator. It does what it should, has a good layout, and the “right” size to it.
THIS is the calculator I have used at work for 15 years, and have become so tuned to it’s size and layout…that I fumble with ANY other calculator.
Fast forward 15 years and the one I used at work was smashed….and where we order supplies from, can no longer get this model. I fumbled with others for a few weeks, and decided to buy my own from Amazon….I’m back in my groove. LOL
I saw a question asked about the model as to what size battery it takes….this strikes me as a question not worth asking. This calculator is solar power with battery for backup. My previous calculator (the one that was smashed) worked for 15 YEARS on the same battery. The cost of the battery is probably half the price of the calculator, and if you DID have to replace it every 15 years or so (I’m not convinced)….just treat yourself to a new one.

Top Critical Review

I was looking for a basic desktop calculator with good keys. These keys rock from side to side very easily and push down with a very soft touch. I prefer a key that doesn’t move unless you push it and then gives you a very certain tactile touch that it has been activated. This calculator is worthless to me because of this aspect of its design. Otherwise, it looks like a very nicely designed product.

Customer Questions & Answers

0nce I have a calculation shown, can I clear the screen for the next calculation?
Answer: Of course, you??d hit the clear button. Not sure I understand the question.

On my old calculator, I add 5% to 100 by typing 100, the + key, the 5 key, and the % key to equal 105. Does this calculator use the same procedure.
Answer: That’s exactly correct.

It turns off after 1 minute or stays on, need it for large periots on with the numbers?
Answer: The TI-1795 SV will remain on past a minute if not in use. If the TI-1795 SV turns off you can press the [CE/C] key to turn it back on to continue using it.

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Texas Instruments TI-1795 SV Standard Function Calculator
Texas Instruments TI-1795 SV Standard Function Calculator
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