Sylvania SLTDVD9220-C 3-in-1 9-Inch Touchscreen Tablet

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So far it’s working. I am still charging it. I couldn’t wait to check it out. I turned it on while charging. I have already updated it. Downloaded Netflix. Tried a DVD. Synced it. Downloaded a few other apps. Basically got it ready to use when it’s done charging.

Used it for Netflix. Lasted for Residue the movie and 2 episodes of the series Residue. 3 episodes of Glitch. From 99 percent. I didn’t let it fully charge. Good picture. I’m very happy with this so far. I will continue to update.

Update:. June 3, 2019

Still working great.

Top Critical Review

This device runs too slow to meet the Android requirements. I believe that the company who made this needs to give us a new WiFi firmware and operating system update. It’s slow booting up, and it’s slow doing things online such as downloading apps. It needs about 2GB of RAM, and the operating system needs a serious update. The Android operating system runs as very slow as it was installed with Windows Vista or Windows 7. This is the reason why I stopped using it until I got to my new place. It does what a tablet does that has a built in DVD player, but even if I play a DVD movie it might freeze up me. I hope they come out with a new one like this with Android 7.1 and a Blu Ray player, and it has a Digital TV Tuner, FM, Weather Band Radio, and AM would be nice to have.

Customer Questions & Answers

Does this product have an plug for earphones?
Answer: It has 3.5mm jack for earphones but does not come with earphones.

We love this device but when playing a dvd we can hardly hear it? Is there a separate volume for dvds?

Not that I know of but you could hook-up a separate speaker to it. One you could adjust the volume to by a separate volume control. I’ve seen them and have a set myself.

If you decide to go with separate speaker or speakers make certain they have the correct USB plug-in line attachment and a volume control of theirow??

Does it have car charger or wall charger?
Answer: It’s a usb chord that plugs into a plug that plugs into a wall. If your car has a usb charging port the cord should work

Does this tablet have a screen lock button?
Answer: Yes it has screen lock option.

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Sylvania SLTDVD9220-C 3-in-1 9-Inch Touchscreen Tablet
Sylvania SLTDVD9220-C 3-in-1 9-Inch Touchscreen Tablet
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