Sylvania DV220SL8 Tunerless Dual Deck DVD Player/VCR Combo

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DVD Player

Top Positive Review

You are suspicious of the low price, especially since this thing also has a decent DVD player. Is it a real VCR? Will it explode or barf all over my TV stand the first time I try play one of my videotapes or record something? Relax: it is a perfectly functional, but very budget VCR. I give it top rating not because it is the best VCR I have ever used, but because it represents exceptional value.

Why buy 2?
Once you have convinced yourself that this thing is a real, fully functional VCR that really works, buy a second one. Judging by the plastic-y clunks it makes, it would unreasonable to expect it to last more than a year or maybe two.

Replacing my old Sony
My warhorse Sony SLV-N81 finally died after nearly a decade of faithful service. It is integrated into an old analog Samsung and Digitalstream DTV box.
Hooking up the Sylvania was a simple matter of swapping out the plugs. The only problem is that the DTV box only has one set of RCA outs and one coax out. The RCA goes to the TV, and the Sylvania does not have a coax in. So, I had to buy a pair of RCA y-splits. The box had one pair of RCA’s, and one singe RCA cable, so I had to use the included cables.

How is the quality?
The Sony costs about 5 bills, while the Sylvania is less than one bill, so comparisons are not very valuable. However, here are the main differences, so that if you are replacing a really good VCR, here is what to expect so you won’t be too disappointed.
**it is not stereo HiFi sound. It is plain, old mono analog, kinda like listening to a telephone.
**it does not have an independent LCD display. So, if you want to know the current time or elapsed time on the tape, you will have to display it on the TV screen
**the picture quality is not very good. If you have had other budget VCRs, then you already know what to expect
**the buttons and icons are so small, that it is impossible to see them in low light.

Connecting to the back of the box
It has a pair of RCA jacks for analog sound/video in. For output, it has 3 RCAs for stereo (but the VCR audio will be mono) audio and video out, for both the DVD and VCR. For the DVD only, it has additional outputs: RGB, S-video, audio stereo out, digital video coax out. To get audio and video into the VCR, it has 2 pairs of RCAs, one on the back and one on the front, for L1 and L2 inputs.

A bit of advice
The action that usually wears out cheapie VCR is fast scanning backwards or forwards, so try not to use these functions. This applies to the index search as well (instead, use the on-screen digital counter and regular FF or REW).

My final complaint
One of my bugaboos is that consumer electronics with a remote control are too complicated for the ordinary mortal to operate correctly, and this VCR is no exception. It has the functions of both VCR and DVD, and the remote control is, hands down, the most complicate one I have ever seen. Setting up the VCR for timed recording has 10 steps (plus, you have to press a magic button after you come back from timed recording to get the VCR back to normal mode). So, you are obligated to keep the instruction manual next to the VCR.

Top Critical Review

First, the door to the VHS section was missing. It may have played when tested, but after about 45 minutes, the DVD switched to the VHS, and wouldn’t eject the DVD. Anytime it’s switched to DVD it switches back to VHS. Clearly when revamped the testing didn’t find the reason it was dumped in the first place. I regret not having tried it until my old player died. I doubt I’ll dare buy another machine that has been said to work again.

Customer Questions & Answers

I’m wondering if i can stick a vhs in this along with a blank dvd and get the vhs to record over to the blank dvd?
Answer: The dvd side of this dual deck is not a recorder. Only the video VHS side can record. The dvd side is for playback only.

does this have an HDMI input?
Answer: NO HDMI on this Unit.

Does it come wi to a remote?
Answer: NOTE: As clearly stated in my item description — NO REMOTE OR EXTRAS — UNIT ONLY — tHANKS

Lots of bad reviews is it as good as people say?
Answer: Not good!

Will this work with scepdre hd tv – not attached to cable?
Answer: Yes it would connect to any tv via composite inputs. I supply cables , the remote and will help to connect.

Just to be sure please let me know the model.

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Sylvania DV220SL8 Tunerless Dual Deck DVD Player/VCR Combo
Sylvania DV220SL8 Tunerless Dual Deck DVD Player/VCR Combo
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