Swann Add-On PIR Alert Sensor Motion Detector

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Combine with the Swann Home Doorbell Kit, Home Doorway Alert Kit, Gate Alert Kit or Driveway Alert Kit for additional security at your home or business

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I love this motion detector. I’ve got a 16 channel security camera system with cameras inside and outside my home, but I still got ripped off. I was sitting in my home office at 9:00 pm and unfortunately my monitor is not in that room. At 9pm my work vehicles got ripped off and thousand of dollars worth of equipment got ripped off. after seeing my vehicles open and equipment gone in the morning, only then I could go play back my DVR and see the creep with a hoody pulled up over his head breaking into my vehicles and taking my equipment. (lot of good those cameras were they cost me over $3000.00) I bought two of the Swann Motion Detector and several add on sensors and installed them around my home. the front ones, I aimed 3 of the front sensors so that people walking down the sidewalk would not set them off but as soon as some one stepped on to my property the alarms would go off. Wow one late night not long after I set up the Swann system the alarms went off so I raced to my front door with a flashlight but no one was around . I decided to walk out into the yard and investigate a little further. Next to my car hauler was a bike, so the system worked and scared the thief off and now I got his bike LOL. The system is loud. (I open a window and face the alarm in the window so that the speaker sound goes out side and so that it scares away any thief. They hear the noise and run. cameras only let you see the crime after it happens. This device properly used makes them run before they can rip you off. Note That some times you might get false alarms due to wind blowing the tree or something but its well worth it and who knows are those false alarms really false ?. GREAT PRODUCT

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Top Critical Review

Nice looking kit and I give this 2 stars because it does work BUTT….Swann has some work to do on this kit……such as……..(1) there is no on/off switch for alarm unit, you have to remove the batteries to shut it up when you don’t want it going off (daytime?)………(2) the motion sensor eats three (3) AAA batteries about once every 2 weeks (unacceptable IMHO)……..(3) although adjustable, the alarm is just too loud on all settings, we have to put it in a different room in between pillows and its still pretty loud (some folks might like this but it’s an issue for me)…..4) has 3 separate frequency stations on the alarm unit but they only give you 2 remote motion sensor units??? (you can buy more remotes separately)
I used this at our pond for raccoon control (for about 4 months) and it works as far as sensing when they come to eat the fish, but, when the sensor batteries go dead I have to go out and bring in the sensor unit, remove battery cover screws with tiny phillips screwdriver, put in 3 new AAA bats, then screw cover back on & put unit back out at the pond (no fun in the rain or at 3am (both?)). By the way, you find out it needs fresh batteries when the motion sensor starts tripping constantly (low battery condition) which sets off the alarm over and over and over again until you remove batteries in one of the units and replace sensor unit bats…….and…. this can occur anytime day or night. I have had it fail three times during the night (10pm, 1am, 3am) and once during the day. Needless to say, I have thrown it in a box in the garage for a backup (if I’m ever that desperate again) and got Harbor Freight alarm unit (which I had b4 Swann @ 1/2 the price) that basically does the same thing but, the motion sensor battery (one 9v) lasts a good 6 months and the alarm unit batteries (3 C bats) last for years.
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Customer Questions & Answers

How can I pair 2 sensors together that works with one receiver?
Answer: please follow this link it explains the procedure http://www.swann.com/au/downloads/dl/file/id/1693/product/144/swads_alarms_manual_en.pdf
you can add up to 15 sensors to the cahannel you choose

What is the size of the sensors
Answer: My sensor is 3″ high and 1 1/2 ” wide.

Does the sound eventually go off by itself?


Thank you for reaching out to us. Yes, the alarm on the receiver will eventually go off by itself.

Does the swads-alarms-gl take pictures also? this model is $34.99.
Answer: No it does not takes any pictures or video. It is a motion detector only.

Installation perfect now how to leave your house without alarm going on
Answer: I’m not sure if I understand the question. I use the alarm at night when I’m home. If I wanted to use the alarm as a deterrent, my neighbors would hear the alarm at contact authorities.

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Swann Add-On PIR Alert Sensor Motion Detector
Swann Add-On PIR Alert Sensor Motion Detector
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