Steins;Gate – PlayStation Vita

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Experience a twisting narrative where user interaction alters the course of the future

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I’m just gonna get this off my chest because this is possibly one of the most mind-blowing visual novels I have ever played. I haven’t enjoyed an adventure this much since finishing Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward, another visual novel/game that deals with time travel elements.

Steins;Gate is a science fiction visual novel developed by 5pb and originally released in 2009. The story revolves around a group of young scientists who accidentally discovers that one of the gadgets they built has a hidden function that allows them to send small messages to the past by the way of email. Through discovering this function, a whole adventure takes place that dives in deep into the inner workings of time travel, its complications, and its dangers.

The game is played through the eyes of the protagonist, Rintaro Okabe (or Hououin Kyouma, as he likes to call himself), a self proclaimed mad scientist who hopes to one day bring chaos into the world. He is joined by his ditzy and lovable childhood friend, Mayuri, genius science girl, Kurisu, who he meets at the beginning of the game, his right-hand man, Daru, who is a “super hacker”, as well as other memorable characters who are sure to tug at your heartstrings.

Storywise, this game has it masterfully done. The imagination put into this game is astounding. Its science fiction elements, comedic elements, mystery elements, and thriller elements combined with its lovable cast of characters all blend very well together and are very nicely written. I didn’t think there was ever a dull moment in this game as I found myself addicted to its twists and turns and wanting more as the story progressed. At moments when I thought the story would be over, it surprises me with even more mind blowing content. While this game has six possible endings that you can get, its final “true” ending is absolutely out of this world and I found myself at the edge of my seat the entire time.

This game is also visually and musically appealing. It has a nice collection of art and a nice soundtrack pieces that really capture the thrilling and emotional moments of the story. It has a simple interface that’s easy to use and it also has an easy-to-access glossary for definitions of words and references that you might not get. These factors make visual novels superior to regular novels in my opinion.

I recommend first time players play through this blindly the first run and then seek a guide online for the pathways to its other endings, with the “true” ending being the last one you should get.

Overall, I give this game a 5 out of 5. Not only do I recommend everyone to pick this up, it should be framed and put on top of a pedestal for being possibly one of the best visual novels of all time.

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I watched the show and loved it so when heard the game was coming to the west; I was excited. I thought it was going to be an adventure game like from telltale but you(the player) have almost no control besides certain parts. The characters dont move at all and only have 3 or 4 facial expressions and there is only a handful of backgrounds so it can get kinda boring. There is no English voice acting which disappointed me. The story is good but it would have been better as a book or manga or something.

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Steins;Gate – PlayStation Vita
Steins;Gate – PlayStation Vita
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