Srhythm NC25 Active Noise Cancelling Stereo Headphones Bluetooth 5.0

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Digital Active Noise Cancelling Technology(ANC): Professional advanced noise cancellation silences up to 90% of machine noise. Cancels noise from aircraft, subways, cars and crowds,so you can focus on what are you doing. (Kindly Note:it??s NOT 100% noise cancelllation,Human talking CAN NOT be elimated and ANC is less effective in quiet environments).ANC Works well both wired and wireless

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My Kindle Fire 10 quit working right, it would blink wildly for No reason. Then the font size got stuck in small & I couldn’t get it any bigger. I had had it one year then maybe 2yrs before it acted up. I have MS & Shaky hands so small it didn’t work, even though my hands are small! Anyways, I’m SO glad I have this. I’ve dropped EVERY SINGLE device I’ve EVER owned, I have MS now (44) & it makes me even CLUMSIER than usual (My nickname since childhood was Clumsy! BIG CLUE?) I can’t feel as well in my hands anymore. I hadn’t dropped the 10 once! It’s heavy so you don’t move it around too much so I knew it wasn’t because of dropping. This was a emergency, my entire life had been transferred to digital. I had a brand new one by the following Monday! Amazon Customer Service was EXCELLENT!

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Purchased this warranty and was told would receive email so could print or at least sho I had a warranty. Got nothing
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Customer Questions & Answers

Does the active noise cancelling actually eliminate noise? Sometimes,i just want silence.
Answer: Yes. I used these headphones listening to the music while My husband was watching TV in the same room. I can’t hear the voice of the TV.

How to pair the headphones with the iPhone?
Answer: These are the easiest headphones to pair. Go to iPhone and open what you eant to pair. Push headphone top center button for 3 or 4 seconds unit you hear a ding. It will come up on your iPhone as nc-25. Select and enjoy. I have a set of Bose 2 35 and these are as good if not better.

Can you connect them by wire to a device that is not blue tooth enabled?
Answer: Of course, Srhythm have an additional 3.5mm plug audio cable, you can use the audio cable to connect your device when you are not using Bluetooth.Please keep a little bit of power to support the audio line work. 🙂

What is active noise cancelling technology?

I will try to explain! Active noise cancelling technology was developed into headset industry from the year 2000. More than 10 years, Srhythm? was a active noise cancelling technology solution provider for the world’s most famous headset brands(as well as Hi-Fi audio and wireless technology).

There are several built-i??

How can i know when the srhythm nc25 headphone is fully charged?
Answer: Hi, The charging light will be off or blue depending on your versions) when the Srhythm NC25 headphone are fully charged. The charging time is around 1-2 hours. Also, there will be an alarming sound like “beep” when the battery is low. I hope this answer can help you. 🙂

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Srhythm NC25 Active Noise Cancelling Stereo Headphones Bluetooth 5.0
Srhythm NC25 Active Noise Cancelling Stereo Headphones Bluetooth 5.0
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