Sony NWZE383 4 GB Walkman MP3 Video Player (Red)

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Digital music, video & photo player with FM radio

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I bought this for my mom in lieu of the more expensive, smaller capacity iPod Shuffle. I love Apple products, but I thought the lack of a screen to navigate the Shuffle would be too complicated for my mom. This is such a great alternative. It doesn’t require you to download a program (like iTunes), plays .wma and .mp3 files and even has an FM radio. It operates just like a jump drive so you just drag and drop your music from your computer to your device. It also has an equalizer and a decent set of headphones. It is bigger than the too small Shuffle, making it easier to hold. The controls are simple and the player is very easy to navigate. I gave this to my mom pre-loaded with some of her favorite music and she absolutely loves it. I also looked at the SanDisk Sansa products, but thought they were too small. If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to an iPod, this is the way to go.

UPDATE: I’ve seen reviews where people have a hard time turnng off the device. While the device is playing, press pause and THEN hold down the “hold” button until the item powers down. It turns off everytime.

Top Critical Review

October, 2015 update.

DON’T BOTHER! On my SECOND player:

Have had to FORMAT it (read: erase everything and resync!) because it would freeze up every time I tried to sync to add new music.

CONSTANTLY getting an error message that it can’t play the format of a song because it’s not supported. Really? The song was supported the dozens of times it played before! Hmmm…. Only fix is to attach it directly to the computer (can’t even turn off since it freezes up), wait a few for it to begin to charge up, then disconnect. Wait for it to “create itself”, then it pulls up a song from a playlist you were listening to, oh, 2-3 days ago. If you were half way through listening to a playlist, lucky you gets to spend time skipping the songs you already listened to if you’re not in the mood to listen again.

LOCKS UP – if you don’t get the above error message and it freezes up, you might be lucky and fix the problem by simply turning it off. (Yeah – lucky you!)

CHARGING: not so well and not so much. After flashing you to tell you the battery is low, you plug it in to charge, less than 10 minutes goes by and it claims it’s full. NO IT IS NOT! Do not get fooled! Not sure it’s even charging up completely any more.

Still hoping that the next version (because we all know that these manufacturers – hello, Apple? – just HAVE to upgrade/bring out new additions) will have fixed the problems that this one has. Pay attention, Sony!!

I’ve had this for 1 week and I think it’s going back. It freezes up without warning and if I’m lucky, I can “fix” the problem by Powering down. If not, have to hook up to the computer and hope that works. I hate the fact that the device goes on HOLD whenever I hit the pause button (which I do frequently because I listen to it at work and pause whenever someone comes up). Tried to send a message to Sony to fix the HOLD issue, hasn’t worked so far. Not going to mess with it so I’d rather return it and hope a different one works.

This is my 2nd Walkman. I loved the 1st (which was bigger, easier to see the screen and didn’t go on HOLD whenever I paused!) until it recently died after 4+ years. Unfortunately they don’t make the old one anymore. Was hoping for something half as good. Didn’t get it.

Update on the REPLACEMENT:

Having the same issues I had with the 1st and 1 I forgot to warn about:
1. Freezes up
2. When recharging, it will constantly tell you it is “FULL”, but it is not. It takes longer than that to recharge!
3. Annoying HOLD option. Pause and it goes on HOLD after a few seconds. Unlike my last one, you can’t just hit the center button to start playing again. Time wasting and unnecessary.

Sony has major problems with this version. I tried a Lonve, and that was so cheap and complicated (didn’t even download all songs in the playlist) that I returned it. Until I can find something better than this Sony (that’s NOT Apple!!), I’m stuck with a definitely inferior product. Sony’s “Help” doesn’t actually help much, if you can even understand what they’re saying.

If you buy this – Good Luck. Just don’t expect much.

Customer Questions & Answers

Answer: Hi, this Sony Walkman NWZE384 doesn’t support expandable memory, it doesn’t have a port or card slot to connect a memory card. -Ely

Can you drag and drop mp3s to the device using windows explorer, without special software?
Answer: Yes

Can this play the spotify app?
Answer: Hi Cameron, This Sony NWZE385 does not support Spotify app. – Jerome

Does this player resume podcasts if I shutdown the player while listening? What if I play another file, if I play the podcast again, does it resume ?

Sony’s webpage for this item does not supply information about paused Podcasts playback functionality, but most devices will standardly resume a Podcast if you close the program and then go back into the same podcast.
Usually Podcasts do not resume when you switch between Podcasts.??

I want to load my CDs onto this device. I want to be able to find the CD title & play the CD with the track order played back numerically (NOT alphabetically). I bought a Sandisk & then read lots of reviews saying it can’t keep an album’s track order correct so I’ll buy this instead if I know it will KEEP THE SONGS IN??
Answer: If you are listening with headphones you can organize it any way you want to. On my car MP3 player it only works playing CDs alphabetically using the artist’s first name (The Beatles, The Band, would be in the T’s). It does play each CD track numerically.

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Sony NWZE383 4 GB Walkman MP3 Video Player (Red)
Sony NWZE383 4 GB Walkman MP3 Video Player (Red)
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