Sony MDR1AM2 Wired High Resolution Audio Overhead Headphones

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High-resolution Audio compatible

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Absolute life saver & worth every penny!!! I had bought a pair of Sony WH-1000XM3 last year on sale for $298.00 on Amazon. I felt it was worth the $33 for a protection plan, considering these headphones are normally $350. I usually get these plans, because it’s just a safety net. I’ve never had to use one until now. My headphones (that are amazing, especially at Noise Cancelling) slipped off my head & hit our hardwood floors. They broke at every jointed part & were now only held together by the internal wiring. I filed the claim online, printed out the free UPS shipping label, boxed it up & sent it in. They sent me a text & email notifying me they had received it & it was being evaluated, with a response in 5-7 business days. 3 business days later I received an email stating my product could not be fixed & I would receive an Amazon gift card for reimbursement of the full purchase price paid of $298. At the same time another email arrived with an Amazon E-Gift Card for $298. I put the number in my Amazon app & it credited $298 to my account. I then ordered a new set of headphones which will be here in 2 days. This was the easiest, fastest & honest process I’ve ever been through!

Top Critical Review

Trust me on this one you all. You would be wise to take the money you would have to pay for ANY of Asurion’s Protection Scams and set it aside. Once you are in need of a repair take that money and have it fixed through the original company. The majority of these companies will work on a fair deal to please both parties, often at little or no cost. Asurion is nothing but a third party scam plain and simple. Amazon has always been great and I have appreciated them over the years. You have a problem and Amazon always takes care of it. This has not been the case when I have worked with Asurion on two separate occasions. If you must find out for yourself go ahead and take the risk, but please read Asurion’s “fine print”. If you value your time and want to save yourself a headache pass on ALL Asurion’s Protection Scams. If you have already purchased several of Asurion’s Protection Scams like I had you can return them through Amazon and they will gladly refund your money! Thanks Amazon for always working hard to take care of your customers. Asurion might want to take a lesson or two from Amazon regarding honesty and customer service. Never have I been lied to so much by a company’s customer service, let alone mocked after treating the agent with dignity and respect. If Amazon offers their own Insurance Protection Plans I am all in. However, that will be the last time I fall for a third party “protection plan”.

Customer Questions & Answers

Are these returnable if they do not fit properly?
Answer: Yea

Can someone explain the balanced cable? Is it mandatory or can I use the regular ones?
Answer: Balanced cable is to be used with devices which has balanced output option e.g. Sony WM1Z, WM1A, ZX-300, TA-ZH1ES etc. If you do not have any of these, you can always use the other 3.5mm “regular” cable to hook it up with your smartphone, laptop etc.

are there very similar sony headphones like this (over-ear, wired) that have in-line volume control as well as pause/play? please let me know
Answer: This one comes with 2 cables and one of them has inline control buttons. I believe you can pause/play but can’t control the volume but I could be wrong, need to recheck.

How do you connect it to an iPhone 7?
Answer: Hi Daniel W. Lee, the headphone uses a 3.5 mm miniplug only. Please check the manual for details:

Regards, Erin

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Sony MDR1AM2 Wired High Resolution Audio Overhead Headphones
Sony MDR1AM2 Wired High Resolution Audio Overhead Headphones
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