Sony L600 Wireless Digital Surround Dolby Audio Sound Overhead Headphones for Watching TV (WH-L600)

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Immersive surround sound with theater mode

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I bought the predecessor of this model (Sony MDRDS6500 Digital Surround Headphones) almost 8 years ago and they were awesome! They lasted for 7 years with absolutely no problems. But, as things do, they began to wear out. So I bought these to replace them. Same price. But the new ones are not made as well. They are made of flimsy plastic that I fear will break long before the 7 years that the original ones lasted. Also, the ear cushions on the originals were leather. They eventually started wearing out but not for at least 5 years. The new ones also have leather cushions, but it is much thinner, cheaper leather. Also, a note to Sony. The one thing I hated about the old ones they unfortunately continued with the newer model. That is the auto power off feature. After 20 minutes with no sound the headphones power off and you have to get up and go press a button on the transmitter to reconnect. So, if you pause a movie to, say, take a phone call that last more than 20 minutes, you have to reconnect the headphones. I realize this is a power saving feature and it should not necessarily be eliminated, but two things could be done to improve the feature. Either provide a way to disable it, or allow the reconnect to be done from the headset rather than the transmitter.

Top Critical Review

To cut to the chase:


1. The sound quality is good and even better than my Sennheiser RS 175s. Nice rich sound!


1. These headphones creak and groan more than your grandmother’s knees. They’re very distracting unfortunately.

2. The earcup controls are so flush with the cup itself, I find it hard to differentiate between the controls. I have to take them off to make any adjustments. Oh yeah, the volume controls are not immediately responsive. Of course, if you try to make adjustments while wearing them, did I mention they creak?

The charging base is nice and you don’t have to be spot on when placing the headphones into the charging cradle like you do when using the Sennheiser system. Unfortunately, the lower part of the base houses the lights that let you know what mode you’re in. You’ll be hard pressed to see the lights and if you can, you’ll have to memorize them to determine the mode the headphone is in. This is where this headphone desperately needs an app.

You can try them but don’t throw any packaging away. You may need it!

Customer Questions & Answers

I had a pair of seinheiser 120s that hissed like crazy when there was no audio source, kind of like an old am radio. do these do the same?

Hi Martinex,

No, the WH-L600’s charging stand has multiple audio inputs for easy connection to devices like your TV, Blu-ray player and games consoles. You can connect via 0.14″ stereo, Optical Digital and HDMI cables. Visit the Sony website for more information.

Hi, i want to know the latency rate of this model. i more concerned about the lag between the sound produced and listened at the headphone?

The latency on these wireless headphones is excellent. I use them in my Digital Audio Workstation and find that they are absolutely fantastic for recording guitar and live monitoring. I have no problem with latency at all. I tried many gaming headphones and another highly rated German wireless brand (that continually d??

There is a switch on the device that says compression and one that says matrix. Do these need to be turned on or off?
Answer: I’m not sure of all your particulars but I have never had to set mine to PCM. I did have to use PCM with my old Sony headphones and it was a bit of a hassle but no more. Yay!

Does this headset allow for consumer battery replacement?
Answer: Hi 007vsMagua, It is recommended to contact your nearest Sony dealer for a battery replacement. ~Ralph

If my sound bar only has optical connection how do you connect the head phones to use at the same time?
Answer: Get an optical audio splitter so you can connect both.

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Sony L600 Wireless Digital Surround Dolby Audio Sound Overhead Headphones for Watching TV (WH-L600)
Sony L600 Wireless Digital Surround Dolby Audio Sound Overhead Headphones for Watching TV (WH-L600)
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