Sony DVP-FX970 9-Inch Portable DVD Player (2011 Model)

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It has 9-inch (diag.), high-resolution, widescreen LCD,180-degree swivel, flip screen

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This is based on just watching 1 movie. So will update if I change my mind.

The dvd player picture looks great. The sound is loud. And it resumes where left off providing you leave the dvd in there. Played dvd perfectly. This was a store bought factory dvd. 9″ screen is nice. The resolution is much better than all comparable ones out there. Not sure about battery life yet.

Build quality is nice too. I also bought the Sony upscalling dvd player for my parents and it is really nice for under $40.00.

I researched portable dvd players for about a month before getting this one. Thanks to the others who have reviewed this.

Also it is kinda wierd. When researching items that are mostly positive I find a few making the items seem like junk. Usually when I look at the reviews of the negative reviewers they seem to have a lot of items they bought that they disliked.

So I figure if you are interested in an item that has mostly positive reviews then go for it.

update 1/4/12

battery life for mine did not seem to last the advertised 6hrs. Not sure how long it lasted seemed only about half that. I will have to see how that goes from the future charges.


update 2/1/2012

I watch the player 3 times a day at my work breaks. I have watched about 15 full movies and 1 burned dvd. Everything played perfectly. The sound is very good and the picture is very good. Also the touch screen allows all functions. I haven’t ever used the remote.

Also it is not like a laptop, there is no startup time to wait. Just turn it on and it starts from the last place you stopped it as long as the dvd is still in. So you don’t have to waste time.

About the battery life. I charge it everyday so still not exactly sure how long it lasts. I am not sure my previous comment about the battery life being less than advertised because at first I would forget to turn it off.

I will further update if anything changes, because I base my purchases on reviews from amazon and would like to help others too. I will continue to use it alot so I will see how the dvd player holds up with continued regular use.

I like it so much I am thinking of buying a sony portable blu ray player since with this one I have to buy only regular dvds.


Update 10/22/2012

Well had this about a yr and watched hundreds of movies on it. Still no problems. Highly recommended.

update 5/6/2013

Hundreds of dvds later no problems!


Update 10/17/2013

Still using this dvd player 3-4 days per wk and no problems.

Top Critical Review

NOPE. DON’T BUY IT! Sony USED to make a really decent portable DVD player. This model is NOT IT. They keep taking away features, moving things around, creating new remotes with unnecessary features. The closed captioning does not work on this one. The one we have before, 4 models ago, lasted 6 years. This lasted 2 months. And those were 2 months of hell, trying to re-learn all the “new” features, getting used to not having the “former” (and necessary features) that Sony took away. After only 2 months of use, this DVD player would only play a disc (any and every disc) HALF WAY THROUGH and then STOP! Bad, bad Sony. I will never buy another Sony product because. It is not the company it was 10 years ago, that’s for sure. PROC. It is crap. Find something else and definitely, pay for the added warranty.

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Sony DVP-FX970 9-Inch Portable DVD Player (2011 Model)
Sony DVP-FX970 9-Inch Portable DVD Player (2011 Model)
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