Sharp QS-2130 12-Digit Commercial Desktop Calculator with Kickstand

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Extra-Large 12 Digit LCD Display with Kickstand

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This is the best 10 key calculator without the paper tape. It’s easy to use, keys are perfect sized and have a comfortable feel. Easy to see the numbers – not too big, not too small. Battery lasts forever since it also runs on solar. Kickstand in the back allows it to sit up nicely. I had one that died after around 15 years and I was worried it didn’t exist anymore. It was a pleasant surprise to see that it still exists and I can see why. CPAs can’t live without it!

Top Critical Review

This calculator is a mixed bag.

On the one hand, the calculator is nicely sized, has many “old-school” adding machine functions, and the keyboard is responsive.

It has oversize add / subtract buttons which mimic the desktop adding machines of old, and this will appeal to some. And it has and adding machine “mode”, where it is not necessary to enter a period between dollars and cents. Again, something that will appeal to people with a history of using old-fashioned adding machines.

Those who did not cut their teeth on those old school adding machines may find the data entry sequence for algebraic calculations to be non-intuitive. There is a markup button which one may learn to use with practice, but many would be better served by learning the associated mathematical formulas and applying them.

For me the biggest disadvantage of the calculator was, oddly, none of this. Instead the problem I encountered was the fact that the top half of the calculator was covered in a highly reflective plastic lens. This looks nice, but I, like many people, have a swinging desk lamp on the side of my desk. It is difficult to position the calculator and lamp in a way that avoids reflecting the glare of the lamp into my eyes. It is doable, but this whole problem could have been avoided by a design that reduced the surface area of the reflective plastic.

So on balance, this is a very nice calculator. I don’t regret buying it, but make sure this is what you want and that you can tolerate its quirks.

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Sharp QS-2130 12-Digit Commercial Desktop Calculator with Kickstand
Sharp QS-2130 12-Digit Commercial Desktop Calculator with Kickstand
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