Sharp EL-244WB Business Calculator

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A simple/basic, small, and lightweight calculator that’s a perfect fit for your pocket. I work in retail pharmacy and relies on calculator to calculate days supply, making accurate doses conversion, and etc. This is very handy to have in my lab pocket. Using a smartphone or relying on the desk-type calculator is not every efficient when you’re constantly on the move. It’s in my pocket always! If you find this review helpful, please click ‘helpful’ button at the end of this product review. Thanks!

Top Critical Review

I bought this five months ago. It has worked fine up till now, but when I pulled it out yesterday, this is what the screen looked like. Pushing buttons does nothing. I hoped it just needed to charge, as it had been in a drawer (though the last solar calculator I had worked just fine in that environment), but it’s been in the light for a while and no change. Not pleased.

Customer Questions & Answers

Does this hold memory?
Answer: If you mean, does it hold the number stored in the 3-key memory after the calculator turns off, then no, it does not.

how big is it?
Answer: If you scroll down the Amazon web page, you will see that it is 2.38 x 4.06 x 0.31 inches. The sizes of similar calculators are give for comparison.

When calculating a percentage, will this give a direct answer to the amount once the = sign has been pressed? For ex: $10.00 x 25% = $2.5 minus = $7.5
Answer: No it does not!

How do you change the battery (lr 1130) on the sharp elsi mate el-377s. there just seem to be two minature phillips head screws on the back.

With a very fine Phillips screwdriver, remove the two screws on the back of the calculator. Using a flat blade fine screwdriver, you’re going to have to “pry” the case apart — start at the top on one side near one of the screws removed, and crack the case carefully as you go down it to unsnap the connectors holding i??

Does sharp calculators el-244wb business calculator, white 2.125 have a case (please describe)? is it solar powered? any battery backup?
Answer: I purchased the calculator quite som,e time ago and have since misplaced it. I remember a battery backup but no case. And I also remember it could be charged by electric light as well as by solar radiation.

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Sharp EL-244WB Business Calculator
Sharp EL-244WB Business Calculator
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