Sensky 360 Degree Ceiling Mount Occupancy Sensor

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?Light Sensor Adjustable?- The light sensor value of this motion sensor switch is 3-2000Lux. When it adjusted on the “sun” position(max LUX value), can both work at daytime and night; While on the “moon” position(min), it works when ambient light is less than 3Lux.

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I’m an electrician and I’ve always installed the $80 name brand motion sensors. I gave this a shot in my house and I love it. I looks better than the expensive ones and works just as well. My only complaint is the way there wires are meant to come into it doesn’t work, it would pinch then and short them out but there are other ways around that.

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Does it work? Yes. But you have to be within about 6 feet away for it turn on. Also, the installation instructions are horrid. I’m good at residential wiring, but this was a lot different. Let me save you some time and tell you how to wire it with the standard U.S. wiring scheme:

Orientation: Black & White Hot Wires –(IN) to — Sensor — (OUT) to — Light
All in the same junction box:
1) Wire tie Black (IN) and Brown (sensor) together.
2) Wire tie White (IN), White (OUT), and Blue (sensor) together.
3) Wire tie Black (OUT) and Red (sensor) together.

Always remember to shut off the breaker for the circuit you’re tying into, and use the appropriate sized wire nuts to tie the wires together. Like this review if this helped you so more people will see it.
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Customer Questions & Answers

Is it easy to switch out the light? We are looking for this with a red light. thanks
Answer: yes

Does it work with the Alexa?
Answer: No, it is just motion.

Can I install it on a wall instead of ceiling? I want to add motion sensor to my patio and entrance lights, next to light fixture height around 6.5/7f
Answer: Yes is switch any can fit

Does this work with fluorescent lights ?
Answer: Yes it works with fluorescent lights I ordered four and three of them already broke. Never again

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Sensky 360 Degree Ceiling Mount Occupancy Sensor
Sensky 360 Degree Ceiling Mount Occupancy Sensor
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