Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Bluetooth Tracker & Item Locator for Keys

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Tag it: Need to keep tabs on something? Attach a Galaxy SmartTag to those precious things in life.

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I have an EBIKE, which I ride quite often. I ride it on a Greenway walking/bicycle path, where people also walk their dogs. I find, at times, that some dogs are very aggressive, and because their owners are not responsible enough to train them, they lunge at my bike, causing me to take evasive action, perhaps falling, causing me to have an accident, or possibly getting bit. I have complained to the proper authorities re this situation, and have been advised that until they personally see the incident, or I get bit, nothing can be done. VOLIA, with my new sunglass camera, I’m all set! They work perfectly! Great resolution, great price, and I feel much better if, and when the occasion arises when I need to document a situation.

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I buy a lot of things on amazon, and it??s really hard to tell exactly WHAT I purchased this warranty for, the email receipt gives no indication whatsoever except for the purchase date and approximate price window. I don??t know how the customer service is, but I can??t even tell what I paid this coverage for.
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Customer Questions & Answers

Will this work with the Galaxy S21
Answer: UWB is in Samsung’s Galaxy S21+ and S21 Ultra 5G.

Is it compatible with a Samsung Note 8?
Answer: Note 8 doesn’t have UWB, nor do they have android 11 w/o side-loading it

What is the difference in the plus and the regular Samsung smart tag

The plus version not only can be found from 120 meters away from you using Bluetooth low energy (just like the regular version). But the plus version can also use UWB technology (Ultra Wide Band Technology) so so that you can utilize newer phones like the Samsung S21 and other new models to use Augmented Reality by sim??

What is the range of the button. If someome is a mile away with an iphone, and they press the button twice, will it alert my samsung, a mile away?

If the phone isn’t connected via Bluetooth to the tag, it’s still possible (so they say–never tried it) to locate the tag from the phone, but if the button is pressed when not connected to the phone, the tag just beeps. For that matter, if your phone was rebooted and the SmartThings app was not started, the button fun??

Will it work wuth the S20 ultra
Answer: Yes, working good 😉

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Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Bluetooth Tracker & Item Locator for Keys
Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Bluetooth Tracker & Item Locator for Keys
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