Riwbox TX8 Touch Control Bluetooth Headphones Over Ear

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Smart Touch Control: tap once to play/pause music and answer/hang up calls. You can easily control it without operating the phone.

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Maybe I had a bad experience, but I have 2 separate experiences with this company.

The 1st is through Amazon when I bought the plan. No issues. Everything went smooth.

The 2nd is through Asurion. I have mixed reaction to them. To file a claim was simple & easy to do. I was sent a gift card for the purchase amount to replace the item. Everything went perfectly.

The problem I had comes in when I tried inquire about add the replacement item to the plan. Well it took 3-4 days, no problem. The issue I ran into was when I tried to inquire about how to add the item to the plan.

I emailed becuase there is no number to call. It took a while for someone to get back to me & when they did, they told me I needed to contact Amazon for that. Struck me as a little odd, but I didn’t thing nothing of it. The representative for Asurion gave me a number that led me to be scammed. I ended being charged for something more than once & had to cancel & replace that card.

I knew it was a scam becuase when I asked the person during sign up would there be an email sent to me that would allow me to cancel whatever I signed up for, they said yes but no email was ever sent. Then I tried calling the number back, I got hung up on & blocked.

So yes I have mixed reviews about this company. On one hand it was great as far as the product, on the hand it’s absolutely horrible as far as the customer service.

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Ordered this warranty protection plan with a set of headphones for my toddler. I know NOW what this warranty is attached to. In six months, I will have no clue. Why, you ask? Because there is no note, no details, anywhere about what this warranty is attached to. It could be attached to something I ordered at the same time for my other family member. So, how in the world am I supposed to use this warranty if I ever need to? The order # refers to the warranty. There are no notations anywhere showing what it is actually covering. Almost makes one wonder if its a blanket warranty, for all electronics purchased, but for three dollars, that is not possible. There needs to be more details included in the email and/or the description under ‘orders’. I’ve looked everywhere and there is no direction at all anywhere. So, in six months, I will be wondering why I ordered this and what in the world it applies to.
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Customer Questions & Answers

How good is the bass on these headphones?

When you listen to them with WIRED, the bass is lacking, and doesn’t have a punchy bass, but going WIRELESS, it has a decent bass like any $30 of headphones you buy.

Obviously, this $30 can’t compete with the expensive buetooth headphones, but decent bass of headphones gives you enough joy to use them everyday on a??

Does mic work when on a wired connection?
Answer: Dear Customer,

Yes. The complimentary 3.5 mm nylon headphone cable has a microphone so it can work on a wired connection.

Is the headband metal or plastic?
Answer: Dear Customer,

The headband part is made of plastic

The adjusting part is connected by a synthetic material of metal and plastic

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Riwbox TX8 Touch Control Bluetooth Headphones Over Ear
Riwbox TX8 Touch Control Bluetooth Headphones Over Ear
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