Record Doctor VI ?C High-Performance Vinyl Record Washing Cleaning Machine (Gloss Black)

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Record Doctor VI ?C High-Performance Vinyl Record Washing Cleaning Machine (Gloss Black)

Safely removes dust, dirt, grease, and grime from record grooves

Top Positive Review

I purchased this to replace a “spin washer” style record cleaner as that one was leaving deposits on my records, some of which are expensive.

I have to admit, i was initially skeptical. This contraption seemed to me to just be a spin washer with a built-in vacuum cleaner but, after using it on approximately 100 records so far, I can honestly say there is a difference.

If you follow the directions, your results should be good. In some cases I did need to give it a few more spins than indicated (manual says 2-3 rotations are enough), but no big deal. The included 4 oz. bottle of fluid was enough for me to do about 90-100 LP’s (only a few drops per side are needed). The fluid itself is odorless and alcohol free so I have a sneaking suspicion that you might be able to re-fill the bottle with distilled water and a drop of Dawn dish detergent and be all set (I have not tried this yet).

I did not think the vacuum was going to be “sucky” enough at first, but have been proven wrong. If you want to get a really good idea of how effective the RDVI is, put a clear record on there first so that you can see the vacuum working on the underside. The vacuum is quite loud, almost as loud as the mini shop-vac I have in the garage. It also gets quite hot so I would recommend cleaning records in spurts and would not recommend trying to clean all 1,000 of your collection in one sitting. The manual says to empty the drain plug after 8-10 records but so far, nothing has come out.

Now for the results. I cleaned and then played at least 10 second hand records that I had purchased recently, and then played 5-6 records cleaned with my old cleaner. The ones cleaned with the spin-washer style system left dirt and debris on my stylus, the records cleaned with the RDVI did not. I had to clean my stylus after every LP side (sometimes before the last track!) with records cleaned on the old machine, after playing 5-6 full LP’s (cleaned on the RDVI) nothing was coming off of the stylus at all. As you can imagine, the old washer is now in the garbage, and I have a new favorite.

Top Critical Review

Read review after review of this product and the many others out there, and then finally decided to splurge and invest in this record cleaning machine. After opening the box and removing the cleaner the first thing I noticed was the machine had the same textured 3m vinyl carbon fiber wrap I’ve used before on car projects. It was lifting slightly at the bottom corners. No big deal, but the description should honestly describe it as being a carbon fiber wrap. So I proceed to read the instructions and then clean 50 records. The machine is not loud IMHO and is around the same volume as maybe a small handheld portable vacuum. The process is time-consuming but the results are worth it. Really cleans the records extremely well. Afterward, I used Gruv Glide to help treat the records for static and improve fidelity. Tested a couple of records and no more pops or static and they sounded great. Noticed stylus doesn’t pick up debris anymore from deep inside the record grooves. So the instructions say to stop and empty the reservoir after 25 records. However, when I removed the bottom plug, nothing came out, not even a drop. So I finished cleaning the rest of the records and figured by now there has to be something to drain. Nope, nothing. And I used quite a bit of solution to ensure debris would float out and get sucked away. So I decided to open the bottom of the cleaner to see where all the solution went. Removed the 4 screws holding the rubber feet to gain access. The lack of quality of the materials and build inside was very surprising/disappointing, especially after shelling out $300. The unit is made of fiberboard, a small step up from particleboard. Found 2 of the corner blocks which the feet screw into and holds the bottom in place were not even adequately glued on and were coming off. Had to re-epoxy them back in place The tube where the solution is supposed to run into had what looks like a fiberfill material. This absorbed just about all of the cleaner so there was nothing left to drain. And it is attached in such a manner it’s not coming out so it’s meant to be there. Does it work? Yes. Is it overpriced? Definitely, especially when you look at the materials, construction, and lack of build quality. But compared to others out there which range from $500-$2000, I guess it’s a bargain??

Customer Questions & Answers

Is this worth the extra $100 over the older V model?

I had the same question at purchase.

I own about 150 records in various states of cleanliness. With the purchase of a new turntable it has been my goal to clean each of them.

Is this record doctor vi made in china?
Answer: According to the brochure, it is manufactured in the USA.

What is the interior of the box made of wood or metal?

The unit can be easily opened by removing the 4 screws holding the feet. The unit is constructed of cheap fiberboard, not even real wood. The so-called carbon fiber is actually a 3M vinyl product that looks like carbon fiber. The vacuum motor is glued in place with a huge amount of epoxy cement. Build quality is less t??

Do you like the cleaning formula it comes with?
Answer: The cleaning formula seems fine – just upgraded from my Spin Clean – and can??t really tell the difference in solutions. But – definitely need a bigger bottle so was researching refills as well.

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Record Doctor VI ?C High-Performance Vinyl Record Washing Cleaning Machine (Gloss Black)
Record Doctor VI ?C High-Performance Vinyl Record Washing Cleaning Machine (Gloss Black)
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