Puri Tech Pivot Under Mount Spa Cover Lift Removal System Bracket – Black

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My old lifter was spring loaded and made of steel. I followed the directions on that one and realized I could have saved myself a lot of headaches if I knew what I know now. I have a few pointers to save your cover from destruction and abuse. I have applied them to this aluminum one without the need for springs (rusted out badly) and I took a few pictures.
First, aluminum is the only way to go for anything, especially lounge chairs. Coated steel is just a white wash for rust and deterioration not to mention the heavy weight. Spend a few extra dollars and you’ll be very glad you did.
Ironically, this lifter is only a hundred or so and is the nicest one I have seen.
I had no problem giving up the spring loaded thoughts as this spa is a Freeflow Mini by Watkins. They make the Hotsprings spas, which I had one for 30 years and loved it every day, so this cover is only 4×6 feet and when new weighs less than my cat.
The main thing I want to say is, you really only need 2 screws to put the frame together. If you look at the pictures, you will see that there is one screw on each side that connects the elbow bar to the side leg. There is no need for more, it’s not going anywhere. Where the cross bar joins to the elbow, use rubber electrical tape. Not electric vinyl, but rubber. Stretch it as you go to make it pliable and wrap the joints a few times. This will keep water from seeping inside the tube and it will only add a fraction of an inch to the thickness so the top won’t bulge around it. Without screws you will have a nice smooth surface for the cover to wrap around. Another tip is to pull off the foam strip that is on the elbow, it isn’t really necessary and without it you will have no unnecessary bulging in the cover seam.
On the old steel one, I did the screws as told and it rusted and tore up the cover over time. The rubber tape will hold, I promise you’ll be lucky to take it back off once it sets and the tubes aren’t about to move.
Where the side leg meets the elbow tube is the only screw I put in, because it will keep the cover from pushing it down when open. There are places and screws for 3 on each side but I can’t imagine any reason for that.
One other thing, put it together without any screws and get it where it needs to be first. When the cover is closed, the cross bar should not be on the center seam but to the side of the seam that is on the lifter side. Once you have it in place, wrap a piece of duct tape around the joints of the side leg and elbow. Then open and lift the cover to make sure you have the legs back far enough so you have room for it to stand behind the spa when open. The nice thing here is that it holds the cover up off the deck when open. My old springs lifter kept lifting till it let the cover hit the deck. The instructions say the swivel point on the bottom plates should be in 7 inches from the end of the spa but that was way off for mine. I ended up putting the end of the plate even with the back of the spa. Remember, when folded, the cover is at least 8 or more inches unless it is really thin. Play with it, you only need two boards, one as a base and the other as a lever placed under the body if it has a groove or offset. Push the lever down and the spa will lift easily enough to move the plates. Have fun.

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Our 15 year old hot tub finally gave up the ghost. I tried to get replacement parts but due to Covid-19, they weren’t available. We purchased a new hot tub from Home Depot, which is manufactured by Strong-Spas. We might have used the lift from the old spa, but it screwed to the spa panels. The panels on the new spa are quite thin and spaced out from the wooden frame. Consequently we purchased this under mount. Unfortunately, the feet of this lift are too short to reach under to the actual wooden frame. Because of this situation, a person must be on both sides to hold onto the uprights to move the cover off. Other wise the lift twists and the feet slide back and forth. If the wooden frame were nearer the outside panels it would work OK.
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Puri Tech Pivot Under Mount Spa Cover Lift Removal System Bracket – Black
Puri Tech Pivot Under Mount Spa Cover Lift Removal System Bracket – Black
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