PS Vita Portable Charger

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Approx 4-7 hours of extra GamingApprox 7 hours of extra VideoApprox 13 hours of extra Music (in stand-by mode)

Top Positive Review

Purchased two of these from WHOLESALE OUTLET with FBA (fulfilled by Amazon). Brand new and sealed! I’m glad I read the reviews and purchased the KMD PS Vita AC adapter kit that’s for the PS Vita 1000 (aka fat PS Vita, the first gen) in order to charge up these portable chargers. It took 7-8 hours to charge each portable charger. I really needed this for days I’m just playing my vita nonstop, especially when there is no outlet near me where I’m sitting/laying comfortably. This kit only comes with the PS Vita portable charger, no micro usb cables for the PS Vita Slim, no AC adapter (the one for the first gen PS Vita) to charge up the portable charger device. So keep all that in mind.

Top Critical Review

This heavy little brick is a 5000 mAh charger. Requires vita 1000 charging cable. Requirements to charge the vita are 5v, any modern $20 charging block from the self checkout at Walmart has double the capacity nowadays.
Mine arrived dead, and after having it plugged in for a full 24 hrs, still hasn’t charged at all despite the charging light being on. I unplug it and it’s dead. Probably just mine, as i see others with much better results.
I’m sure this was a must have back in the early days of the vita, but you can get a 20,000 mAh battery pack now for $30. A good one.
I’d only recommend this is you want to keep it in the package as a novelty.

Customer Questions & Answers

Does this work for pch-2001?
Answer: You need to buy the right cable for your PS Vita. This item just comes with the charging brick. It works wonderful animal keep your leader charged snowing very heavy now very big.

Can this be bridged between itself and the ac charger?(so it charges the vita while it gets charged from the ac charger)
Answer: No it can’t because you had to use the AC charger to charge the portable charger

How much power in mAh does this hold?

I don’t know what mAh is. But what I can tell you is that I have used this thing twice & it only lasted for a couple of charges before it stopped working. I’d see the light come on for a second, then it would turn off. Ironically, if nothing was in the charger the light stayed on, but if I tried to charge my Vita is ju??

why does it say that maintains the charge for up yo 1 year? it wont work after 1 year?
Answer: If you charge it, it will stay charged up to 1 year not that it will only work for a year.

Does it come with a vita (1000) model cable?
Answer: No it does not. You need to provide your own, and it must be the original one. Third party cables will not work.

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PS Vita Portable Charger
PS Vita Portable Charger
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