ProCase Galaxy Tab A 8.0 2019 Case T290 T295

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?? Slim hard shell cover for Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8″ 2019 tablet (Model: SM-T290 SM-T295, No S Pen Version), Not compatible with any other devices. Please check the model before purchase

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I have had at least three Galaxy Tab A tablets. One from 2015, one from 2017 and now this latest one, from 2019. Why three tablets? Well, because after awhile the battery life dwindles as the tablets get older. Or in one case, (blue case tablet) the charging port has been used so much (it’s the oldest tablet) for so long, it won’t make a good connection to a charging cable.

But the one thing that all three tablets have in common, is that I ALWAYS choose the Procase (which I buy from Amazon), because they are flexible and last a very long time. The blue case in this photograph is on the oldest tablet. The case looks just as new as the other two cases (2017 and 2019). The cases are not cracked and they are not torn and don’t appear to have any wear, at all. So that is why I continue to stick with ProCase for my tablet cases.

Only caveat, is that the new tablet, purchased a short while ago, does NOT have the sleep feature in the tablet, that would put it to sleep whenever I would close the ProCase. At first I thought there was a problem with the case, because internet research indicated that Samsung did not provide that feature. It just means you have to push the ‘sleep’ button on the tablet itself, instead of the case handling that for you.

ProCase rocks!

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The cover fits the Samsung tablet well, but I am not sure if it will even last 6 months. The cover protects the tablet, but the material is plastic. The front cover which has sections that fold back to create a kickstand to support the tablet in a horizontal upright position will soon be worn and will tear from general use of opening and closing the cover. Not sure the purpose of the extra magnets on the edge of the cover; normally these magnets, when opening a cover, the tablet screen wakes up; then when the cover is closed, the tablet goes to sleep – but not this one. I have to manually wake up the tablet each time and also have to remember to put the tablet to sleep manually otherwise it stays on, wasting the battery (and yes, the tablet is set for 2 minutes to turn off when there is no use, but for some reason, with the cover closed, the tablet ignores the 2 minute setting and I will find when I open the cover, the tablet is awake and battery nearly drained). The construction of the cover allows for horizontal kickstand use but not a vertical use unless you prop it up against something or hold it in your hand. If holding the tablet and cover, the sharp seams of the front leaf are uncomfortable it my hands – and once the cover starts to tear the edges will become sharper, and the tablet with this cover will really become uncomfortable to hold in my hands. I will continue to use for now as it is protecting my tablet, but will took for some other manufacturer/design to address the issues I have with this one.
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Customer Questions & Answers

I received the item and the camera hole is in the wrong spot. I submitted a request to replace the item but it??s the same. What can I do?
Answer: Mine is perfect – you need to check your Tablet model and order a different one.

If my tablet says smt290 is this compatible?
Answer: Settings -> ‘About tablet’ mine says SM-T290, so yes, it is compatible.

Does charger cord come with it
Answer: No, it’s only the case. Charger only comes with the tablet or if you buy it separately.

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ProCase Galaxy Tab A 8.0 2019 Case T290 T295
ProCase Galaxy Tab A 8.0 2019 Case T290 T295
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