Power Supply Brick Power Adapter for Xbox One

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UPGRADED VERSION — More Quiet: An latest updated radiator fan system that makes for little fan noise. Made of ABS material with mesh edges for optimal airflow. No disturbing noise and overheating. And it has longer lasting life, you can enjoy the fun of games longer.

Top Positive Review

I read all the reviews on this power supply and was concerned like you about price vs quality. Also I??m basing this review on a couple of months of heavy daily use so I??ve definitely tested it out.

Other reviewers complained of noise produced by the unit. I??ve been using the unit for a couple of months and it??s completely silent, can??t tell it??s there.

Quality of construction: I read the review complaining of cheap/rough construction. I??m very picky about this type of thing and I find nothing wrong with the manufacturer or material used. Holding both the old unit and this new replacement side by side I find the comparable. Any different in material or construction quality is very slight.

The only thing about this power brick that might be a concern,p is the cable used is noticeably skinnier/smaller gauge. This might be because it was redesigned as the product info advertised so it no longer requires a thicker wire, or they might have cheeped out on the copper wires save money. (You??d have to ask an electrician or engineer what they think.)

But despite this I see absolutely no difference in the performance of my Xbox one, which gets used constantly.

I recommend you buy this one vs the more expensive versions, as far as I can tell it works just as well as the original. I would not hesitate if one of my other Xbox ones had anther power supply failure to buy another one of these as a replacement. (I have 3 Xbox ones, 2 of which have now had the original power supply fail)

At this point in the Xbox life cycle you just need a unit that lasts long enough to get you a year or so along till the next gen comes out. So consider that and two of these are cheaper then buying an original used unit from GameStop.

I??m Midnight562 on Xbox, feel free to message me if you want my 2cents or ask how it??s been holding up. (I personally had a hard time deciding if the price on this was too good to be true, especially with some buyers reporting noise issues.)

Top Critical Review

Other reviewers must be getting a different brand or model than what I got because they’re saying it’s very quiet when it’s not. The fan is not quiet at all.

Customer Questions & Answers

Does it have some loud noise like other Xbox one power supply, is it louder than the original Xbox one power?
Answer: This product works perfectly. It makes slightly less noise than the original model.

Does it work for my Xbox one S?

No,sorry dear,The Xbox one power supply is compatible with Xbox one console only, but not compatible with Xbox One S or Xbox One X consoles. Thank you for you question.

If you have any doubts or don’t understand of our product,and any help we can do, please feel free to contact us, our service team will be here to ser??

Will this work for the Xbox One Elite?
Answer: This only works specifically for the Xbox one

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Power Supply Brick Power Adapter for Xbox One
Power Supply Brick Power Adapter for Xbox One
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