PHILIPS Over Ear Wired Stereo Headphones for Podcasts

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40MM NEODYMIUM DRIVERS: Get the impactful bass and clarity out of the 40mm neodymium drivers, the high never too loud or piercing. Create a full sound you will hear nuances in music like never before through the wired headphones

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This is the at least the third Philips headphone I have purchased over the past couple of years. I have one higher end model with open back for quality music listening, a small wireless in-ear model for mobile phone usage, one on-ear model that got destroyed some years ago, and now this SHP2000. Primary use case is for silent play of our digital piano, and this looks like it will do the job nicely. I chose it because of my familiarity with the brand, the low price and the 1/4″ connector that comes with it.

Initial experience was very satisfactory. The large 40 mm drivers provide a great wide sound space, and while it does not have any noise cancellation features, the over-the-ear cups manage a bit of isolation and that helps. It’s very lightweight, very important for headache-free usage.

Maybe I’m being unfair at this price level (just under $20), but I hesitate to give this headphone 5 stars due to the quality of the material. When you’re handling it, you can feel that it is made cheaply to meet the target price point. Indeed, if you are after better quality, you can look at the Fidelio line or the SHP9500 model. In any case, I’ll come back and give it the full 5 stars if it lives through a year of active use with minimal damage.

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These are really just not great headphones I’ve been using them for all of fifteen minutes and well they do the job but not well. First we have the design I think they were trying to go for sleek but they made it a bit too ‘sleek’ which I don’t like sleek headphones. The headband is okay, they don’t have the ears marked left and right, and the two ear cord is tight around your neck and overly long. The ear material is fuzzy and it feels wrong it also seems to effect the audio in a bad way. Next we get to the audio which is just wrong I can’t even describe it is almost like you just can’t really hear it. I normally listen to my playlists I have the way each song sounds in my brain and listening to them with these it felt so off. I suggest you don’t buy these unless you wish to spend twenty dollars on something that could be improved so easily.
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Customer Questions & Answers

does it come with a usb adapter?
Answer: It doesn??t come with a USB adaptor.

Do these headphone have volume control?
Answer: No, not on the set its self. Volume is controlled by the device you are using, i.e.,,, laptop

Does it have built-in mic and audio control ?
Answer: No. The wires from the headset go directly to the plug, period.

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PHILIPS Over Ear Wired Stereo Headphones for Podcasts
PHILIPS Over Ear Wired Stereo Headphones for Podcasts
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