Philips 9″ LCD Portable DVD Player PD9000 / PD9000/37

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The high resolution color LCD display brings images to life, showing off your treasured photos, favorite movies and music

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This portable player is compact, well-designed, and well-made. It comes with a number of extras that includes a remote control, an AC adapter, and a car adapter that allows you to plug in and recharge from a 12 volt outlet on your car’s dashboard. Another plus are patch cords that allow the player to be connected to a television and so that the unit acts not just as a DVD player, but also as a converter from PAL format to NTSC if you’re playing a non-Region 1 DVD. There is also a cover and “sling” that allows the player to be hung from the back of a car seat for viewing in the backseats of a vehicle.

I’ve played Region 1, Region 2 PAL, Region 0 PAL, and DVD-R disks in this player without any problems, except in the case of one Dutch DVD which turned out to be a bad DVD; the disk in question wouldn’t fully play on my full size Region-free player or on the DVD player in my computer.

Several reviewers have complained that the unit does not charge the battery if you’ve got it plugged into an AC source while playing a DVD. I haven’t found this to be an issue or a problem. I simply plug in the player for recharging occasionally when I know I won’t be needing it to keep the battery fully charged.

The quality of the display is crisp and the sound quality is good. Listening via earphones is an option through the earphone jacks, but no earbuds or earphones are included in the package.

The only thing I’d change about this player would be to make the on-off switch and volume control on the sides a bit larger. I have small hands, but often have trouble with the on-off switch as it’s difficult to get a good grip on it so my fingers sometimes slip off. A slightly larger volume control would make it easier to find. I would imagine that someone with larger hands would have a bit of trouble with the small size of the controls as well, but could always use the remote control as an alternative.

Recommended and very handy to have on hand during power outages or when traveling.

Top Critical Review

Was super excited about this product for our upcoming trip. However, after charging the unit, I tested it out and the display is atrocious. The only way the picture shows up is to tilt the unit at a ridiculous angle – otherwise the colors are so washed out you can barely see the picture. I tried to see if I could use the “angle” button on the remote to fix it but the unit display said that function was not available. Tried many DVDs, all with the same issue. Also, it had trouble reading some of my discs but not others (all US region). I just missed the 30 day return policy so now I’m stuck with a very expensive electronic paperweight.

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Philips 9″ LCD Portable DVD Player PD9000 / PD9000/37
Philips 9″ LCD Portable DVD Player PD9000 / PD9000/37
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