PERLESMITH Universal Floor Speaker Stands 26 Inch for Surround Sound

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CABLE MANAGEMENT: The 26-inch post assembly features large holes for running cables through the tube to keep wires neat and organized

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Normally, I don’t purchase protection plans, but considering that I wanted the chair I purchased with this plan to last a good while, I decided to get this on a whim. Oh boy, am I glad I did! Not even a month after I received the chair, one of the arms broke off. After submitting a claim and whatnot, it was approved and I will be receiving a check in the mail covering the amount it would take to repair or replace it.

Certainly going to consider purchasing more protection plans from SquareTrade when I buy more furniture in the future.

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I purchased this protection plan to cover accidents and spills on my floor chair. When I filed a claim it was approved and a cleaning kit was sent out. The cleaning kit did not work. When I called to inform them that the kit did not work one of their representatives closed the initial claim (without my permission), opened a new claim, and denied the claim. I called to tell them that what they did was illegal. They then reopened a new claim and denied it saying the spill wasn’t covered under terms and conditions (it was). They then reopened a new claim and offered to refund the money I paid for the protection plan ($14), but they weren’t going to do anything about the chair. I told them I did not want a refund on the plan and that I wanted them to uphold their end of the agreement. Finally, after talking to about 6 customer service reps I talked to a supervisor who then agreed to give me a partial payment for the chair ($77 of the $81.33 I paid for it). But because they “paid out” the warranty will not carry over to the replacement chair I ordered. I am glad I was reimbursed, but I will NEVER do business with allstate/squaretrade again. I always purchase their protection plans with all my appliances from my furniture to my TV but this was the first instance I’ve had to file a claim. They will no longer receive my business and I’ve warned friends and family about them also.
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Customer Questions & Answers

Will these hold a klipsch rp-600m? they are 8×12″

Yes, I just placed my Klipsch RP-600Ms on these stands. The speakers and stand shelves are so very very close to the same width (so close I’d call them the same), and the speakers are longer that the stand shelves. But I have zero concerns that this pairing is a mismatch or the speakers are in danger of falling off. ??

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I have a pair of elac 6.2’s. they are 11 inches deep and 7.75 inches wide. the stand top plate seems wider. will the elac look odd sitting on these?
Answer: Hi there are pads on the top plate and the top plate dimension is 7.79*7.79 inch so our speaker stands can fit your speaker. Any questions, feel free contact us to the email address on the product manual.

show me the speakers and the receiver
Answer: Hi, this speaker stands doesn’t come with the speakers.

If you have any questions, pls let me know:

How high off the ground does the base of these stands sit?
Answer: I am using the rubber feet for tile floors. The top of the floor base is 3/4″ from the tile, and then the post and then the top plate the speaker rests on. The bottom of my speakers, resting on these stands are EXACTLY 28″ from the tile floor.

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PERLESMITH Universal Floor Speaker Stands 26 Inch for Surround Sound
PERLESMITH Universal Floor Speaker Stands 26 Inch for Surround Sound
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