Pendancy Large LCD Display Button 12 Digits Desktop Calculator(OS-6815)

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?Ergonomic Angle Display&Large Button?When you put the calculator on the desktop, the 30??large display is just opposite your sight, more clear than a straight display. Large and separated keys, make your every press more accurate.

Top Positive Review

There’s a lot I like about this calculator. I chose this calculator because the layout of the keys is perfect for the type of calculations I do most often. The keys are good sized and well spaced – I haven’t had a mis-key yet. The overall size is a little larger than I would have liked (it didn’t take me by surprise, the size is exactly as described) but I was willing to accept the size to have this key layout, which was probably my most important consideration. The display is large and easy to read. The 12 digit capacity is more than adequate for any calculations I’ll be doing.

There are a couple of really, really’s I have with this calculator:

I really, really like that the battery requirement is one AA battery, which is easily accessed. When it comes time to replace the battery I’ll simply go to my battery drawer, grab an AA (which I always have on hand), pop it in and I’m good to go. No more running to the store or placing an order for a button battery and having to disassemble the calculator to replace it.

I really, really hate that when the unit shuts off, anything in memory is lost. I’m used to (and spoiled by) calculators that retain the number in memory until the all clear or memory clear button is pressed or the battery is removed – even when it shuts off. Oh well, I guess you can’t have everything. Overall I’m quite pleased with this calculator.

Top Critical Review

This just came in the mail. I purchased it for my MBA program. I only need a calculator for simple functions so I don’t have to pull out the laptop for excel or pry my cell phone away from my kid. I got this for convenience. I was comparing this to a different calculator that was $10 less. They both had the same features I was looking for as far as size, large buttons, large screen, good reviews. I chose this one strictly because it advertised bright colored buttons. I really like the brightness of the button colors from its photos. I should have went with the other calculator. The colors on this was are dull and flat and are not bright like in the photos or the boxed package. They should not advertise or promote the bright colors because it is false representation of the actual product. Other than that, I’m sure it will work just fine.

Customer Questions & Answers

I need a calculator for an autistic child. Does this make sound when buttons are pressed?
Answer: It makes a sound when you press the key, but it??s a very soft sound.

does it have a correction key ?

Yes, the correction key for this calculator is the triangle symbol blue key on the left side of the keyboard, below the GT button.(The function of the correction key is:

When you want to enter 123 but accidentally press 122, you can press the correction key to delete the last number to 12, then enter 3 to continue you??

Is the user manual available on line
Answer: There is no manual! It??s just a big calculator! No directions r needed. It is much bigger than I anticipated. Takes up too much room on my desk. It??s really overkill! Frankly, had I known it was this big I would not have ordered it. It does the job but a big inconvenience more than a help & not worth it.

Has anyone had problems with the digits key? if i change from f-4-2-0-a it makes no diff, it still gives a decimal with as many places as will fit?

Greetings, I played with my OSALO OS-6815 calculator this evening and can report the following behavior. Regardless of the F-4-2-0-A setting the SQRT of 2 displayed all 12 digits. However, with the “Rounding” switch set for “UP” or “5/4” dividing 8 by 3 (8/3) displayed 2.66666666666 on (F – Floating), 2.6667 on (4), ??

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Pendancy Large LCD Display Button 12 Digits Desktop Calculator(OS-6815)
Pendancy Large LCD Display Button 12 Digits Desktop Calculator(OS-6815)
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