Panasonic DMR-EZ48VP-K 1080p Upconverting VHS DVD Recorder with Built In Tuner (Discontinued in 2012)

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1080p Upconversion via HDMI. Dub from VHS to DVD.

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I initially ordered this model from an other vendor. It arrived with some scratches, the instructions where on a DVD and it just looked used. Bought it to convert VHS tapes to DVDs. It lasted for 3 copies and kind of died. I returned it and the vendor to reimburse me. I ordered the same one from this vendor because of their 100% rating. Unit was packaged well, looked like new, had a printed (50 plus pages) instruction book, HDMI cable and worked great. I have dubbed about 50 DVDs from VHS tapes without any issues. I have also figured out how to use the unit with a Smart TV & use Direct TV. I cannot dub straight from a program I am watching but can record it on the DirectTV Genie and then copy it from the Genie to the DVD recorder. The trick is to have a 10 prong Direct TV Genie and a HDMI powered splitter. Direct TV says it is not possible, but any of their service and tech support folks know how to set it up. I did it on my own, but it took awhile to figure it out, just call Direct TV and tell them you need a service rep to come out. My highest recommendation for this vendor. They stand behind their product and it is worth the extra money to get a unit that is clean, looks brand new and “actually works.” Also, the printed manual was a plus. It is a bit of a completed unit with tons of features – you need the instruction manual. It is available on line, but have a printed copy sent was a big plus. Picture quality is ok. Many of my VHS tapes are 15-20 years old so that accounts for it. Also, the Direct TV signal is not meant to be copied, so don’t expect the same clear picture. I mostly put sporting events on DVD from the Direct TV Genie so I can watch them over and over. So perfect quality is not as important for me as seeing incredible sports plays over and over. Panasonic had a great reputation back in the 90s and early 90s for building a good VCR and this one didn’t disappoint. It was one of the last ones built during the 95-96 time frame.

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My old Panasonic DVD-R/VCR combo of 12 years died on me, and to my disbelief, I found they don’t really make them anymore. Even further disbelief are the prices of new ones that are still available. I did a lot of research and settled on this unit. It was advertised as “Used – Like New” and the seller had a 100% rating, so I figured it was a safe bet. It worked for about 30 days.

When it did work, it would take forever to boot up as others have commented. Really just a mild annoyance, but it can make you impatient waiting for it to boot up just so you can open the DVD tray. Playing DVDs went as expected, so no issue there.

I ran into problems when I attempted to record to DVD, something I had done a thousand times on my old unit. The DVD-R that I inserted made a vibrating noise. It appeared to work when I hit record. We were actually going to bed, so normally, you can let the time run out, and it will stop once the disc is full. Then, the auto-off turned the unit off. The next time I attempted to power on the unit, it did it’s usual long boot-up.. but then, it wouldn’t ever fully boot up and gave an error code U99.. which apparently is a general error and could be any number of things.

I tried all the troubleshooting available, and it would not clear the U99 error, so I decided to return it and am looking elsewhere.

**Additional tip: Make sure to take plenty of photos when unpacking any unit and when shipping back if you’re not having it fulfilled by Amazon. It’s always good to cover your tracks in case there are any disputes from the seller. Lesson learned..**
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Customer Questions & Answers

Can this vcr DVDs record 3 hours
Answer: Yes, you can select 1:2 hrs 2:00hrs 2:30 hrs 3:00 hrs

can i record difrent modes like lp or sp
Answer: Yes, all modes, LP, SP & ELP are available.

I had dmr ez48v so flash tell rc 2 so no menu open,all time rc 2 flash for .I am try swtich to menu not work.then what I doing try ? thank
Answer: Not sure what your problem is? Are you having an issue with the set-up menu? I assume the RC means the remote for your programming? Many options are contingent on setting the time and date. Do you still have your manual? If not, I think you can get one from Panasonic’s website, but not sure.

Do you have to have VIERALink? for it to work?
Answer: I don’t know what a vieralink is. I hooked it up to the incoming cable from either a satellite box or cable company, an it works.

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Panasonic DMR-EZ48VP-K 1080p Upconverting VHS DVD Recorder with Built In Tuner (Discontinued in 2012)
Panasonic DMR-EZ48VP-K 1080p Upconverting VHS DVD Recorder with Built In Tuner (Discontinued in 2012)
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