Panasonic DMR-E80H Progressive-Scan DVD Player/Recorder with Hard Drive

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Built-in 80 GB hard drive

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This is an easy to use recorder. You record the video to the hard drive, edit it, title it, and then burn it to disc.
While it only has video and svideo inputs, the picture is better than standard dvd video if you record from a high definition source. The hard drive holds about 30 hours of standard video before you must delete something. I normally keep it about half full so that I can rewatch the best videos a couple of times. The only downside to this good machine is that it stores the wide screen information in narrow screen format to save space, but it is only noticeable on other players.

Top Critical Review

This sounds like other reviews on After about six months of use, my recorder started losing the ability to recognize commercial DVDs. Then, it locked up while dubbing from HD to DVD-R, went into Recover, and made the disk useless–at $1.50 or so a pop. Then, it stopped working altogether.

The repair place that Panasonic sent me to said that they couldn’t get a new “deck” from Panasonic for about six weeks. I called Panasonic, got the part expedited, but, when the repair part was installed weeks later it turned out to be defective. That was weeks ago. New repair parts are still weeks out. The parts guy at the repair place told me that these things break constantly, specifically that they were released to the market before the technology was right. So, the Panasonic DMRs are piling up at the shop. It takes a long time to talk to someone at Panasonic (I’m on hold now and have been for about 20 minutes). The people I’ve talked to are nice but refuse to connect me to anyone above them and essentially are not permitted to do more than pass on the problem to their bosses. The most recent one even said this was my fault because I didn’t call every few days to see if they had done anything about the part. When I told him that this was corporate responsibility, he just got evasive and continued to make it my fault.

So, if you buy this, expect it to break, expect that there are no parts, expect to get the run around.

I paid a lot of money for something that doesn’t work and can’t be fixed.

Anyone for a class action lawsuite?

Customer Questions & Answers

Do you have the remote control ?
Answer: If you’ve lost the remote you can contact Panasonic USA online store and purchase the remote model number EUR7624KB0. I had to replace mine after it fell. I believe I paid $17.00 for it. I hope this answers your question.

Does this recorder record on dvd+r as well?
Answer: Sorry but no. You can not record to DVD+R formatted discs. You first record to the Hard Drive of the Panasonic DMR-E80H, edit the content then burn that content to either a DVD-RAM, or DVD-R formatted disc. You can how ever play CD’s on the system.

Does the dmr-E80H have svideo input and output?
Answer: It has an input for Svideo on the front. Than two inputs and two outputs on the back for Svideo. These are alongside the regular RCA connections. When you connect the Svideo, the RCA video connection (yellow plug) is turned off.

What type of tuner does it have?
Answer: It has a normal tuner, not a high definition tuner, and I didn’t think this was available any longer, but if so, I’m surprised.

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Panasonic DMR-E80H Progressive-Scan DVD Player/Recorder with Hard Drive
Panasonic DMR-E80H Progressive-Scan DVD Player/Recorder with Hard Drive
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