(Pack of 2) Screen Protector for PS Vita 1000

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Designed for sony playstation vita 1000,precise laser cut designed specifically to offer max body coverage

Top Positive Review

The tempered glass screen protector from Akwox is top notch! It fits perfectly (for the PS Vita 1000 models) and feels great to use while playing games. I would definitely pick this up for the Vita since the price is good and comes in a pack of 2.

I’ve also provided images of the screen protector on my PS Vita. I hope this helps you decide if you want to pick this product up!~


I recently bought a PS Vita 2000 Model (Neon Orange) so I decided to pickup the screen glass screen protector again from Akwox! Again, the quality is great and it feels aboslutely wonderful to use! It’s easy to install and will keep your screen protected for sure!

As for anyone who’s curious about the 1K model’s screen protector, it’s going strong atm! There’s no wear and tear atm and it still looks new! I did a side by side picture with the 2K model as well for comparision! =^)

[Please make sure to buy the proper screen protector for your PS Vita Model! The 1000 (OLED) and 2000 (Slim) are different in screen size! My review was combined to include both of them!]

Top Critical Review

The box it came in was a cool looking box that opened much like a book. On the left there was warranty info and n the right were the screen protectors and some stuff for cleaning.

The first comment I have is that the instructions should have been put on the left so you can read them right away. There are two screen protectors in the box so if you only pull out one, you may not notice that the instructions for applying the product are under the second protector.

The instructions themselves were not the clearest instructions but you got the general idea of what they wanted you to do.

The box has 3 cleaning products x2 (a set for each protector). 1 wet wipe, 1 dry wipe and a blue thing called the “electrostatic precipitation film.” The “wet” wipes I got were completely dry. Luckily I had some great screen cleaning products handy and just used that to clean the screen.

The screen protector went on nicely and seems to be of high quality. Time will tell on that one. I actually like the look of the Vita after it is applied better than the screen alone. There were only TWO minor defects that I could see in my application. I thought they were air bubbles but it may be a piece of dust ended up in those two spots as I was applying. Guess next time I’ll do it in a less dusty room. However, they were above the actual screen of the vita so no big deal.

Customer Questions & Answers

Does this fit the pch 2006 model
Answer: It fits my launch PSP1000 fattie perfectly. It went on so clear and smooth you actually have to look for the outlines where it stops.

Can this be removed at a later time without any damage to the actual screen?
Answer: sure can.

Will this work for pch 1101 models?
Answer: Yes

Does this screen protector work with most ps vita grips?
Answer: Yes it certainly does. I have the full shell case with the L2/R2 buttons imported from Japan and it is nice and snug and works great with this screen protector.

I also have a back only, snap in protector I had before the full shell arrived, but it will obviously work on any of these snap in type of cases.

Does this protector give any image distortion, glare or color hue on the screen?
Answer: No distortions from any game I’ve played using this protector

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(Pack of 2) Screen Protector for PS Vita 1000
(Pack of 2) Screen Protector for PS Vita 1000
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