Ontel Pillow Pad Ultra Multi-Angle Soft Tablet Stand

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New and Improved Dual Edge Design: Pillow Pad Ultra the hands-free tablet stand with an additional pocket to fit your tablet plus 2 ledges to ensure comfort at any angle; lying down, sitting up or standing

Top Positive Review

Make sure your tablet is turned on when you mark the area , 8 dots total .where you will put the elastic so the x or other reading in corners will not be covered.it took me less than haft an hour .
Seat in different place with it in this position to know if it is what you like .
This is not 100% safe but 90% more safe in holding your tablet .
I wish It did come with elastics.
So comfortable .
To take the cover off to be wash was not possible for me , but you can try .it is too tight even when the zipper is open . For My second one . The zipper is longer and a little different than the one i bought 1 years ago so it could maybe be possible .I recommend to wash by hand . When received i did follow instruction for the dryer .
I took the dark blue.

Top Critical Review

Product was shipped rolled up tightly compressed in plastic wrap. When I unrolled it, it stayed smushed. See pictures. The best thing about it was that I could return it!

Customer Questions & Answers

What size tablet can it hold Vertically
Answer: The largest 12.4″ tablet fits comfortably both horizontally and vertically.

What kind of fabric is it made of? Crushed velvet?
Answer: Yes it is ?? crushed velvet fabric. I like this product a lot.

How does this work with a regular old, page filled book?

Actually this stand is better suited for smartphones and Ipads, because you don’t need to hold the phone, it is good for your hands. But with a real paper book, the incline is too steep and you will have to hold the book so that the pages do not make it tip over. It is ok with a small paperback, though. Still, you woul??

Does it smell? Is it poyurethane?
Answer: I purchased mine in a brick and mortar store. It was not shrink wrapped or in any kind of plastic packaging, just the paper/card branding shown in the picture. It doesn’t smell like anything at all. And it states on the packaging to be “100% polyurethane foam”.

what dollar amount do i have in gift card with you??
Answer: Please reach out to Amazon directly to find out

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Ontel Pillow Pad Ultra Multi-Angle Soft Tablet Stand
Ontel Pillow Pad Ultra Multi-Angle Soft Tablet Stand
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