NTBAY Body Pillow Cover

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PRODUCT FEATURES: Nice quality microfiber fabric making these pillowcases incredibly soft, luxurious and breathable. Envelope closure, no uncomfortable zipper, easy to put on and off the pillows. You can leave open or can tuck excess back into pillow for beautiful clean look.

Top Positive Review

I bought a couple sets of these for my pillows but didn’t get any for my husband because he is the world’s pickiest person about his pillow cases. He seriously only wants to use pillow cases from old like 10 year old t-shirt sheet sets that I have long since retired the fitted and flat sheets from. Finally I order a set for him and got him to try them and he LOVES them!

They are super soft, easy to clean and durable. Couldn’t be happier with them. I’ve been hoping to find a full set of sheets from this same brand because they are so darn AMAZING!!!

Top Critical Review

I absolutely love the blue I ordered, it matched my sheet set from another company perfectly.
The quality is so-so, it’s definitely NOT cotton that’s for sure, and very evident. It doesn’t have that *glide* that I was hoping for, especially in pillowcases when I have my hair to think of, with breakage and tangles and whatnot. So these are not the pillowcases our heads rest on, but rather the pillowcases on the pillows UNDER those (we each sleep on two pillows) great thing the color matches perfectly.
The other thing is that I had to double, and triple check that I ordered queen sized pillowcases, and that’s what it said on the packages (I got two sets.) Because they are very big for queen cases, especially because they’re the type with the pocket inside instead of just being open. They do not fit snugly around my pillows as they should, but maybe after a wash in some hot water? I don’t know, they are like a cross between queen and king cases which bothers me slightly because I’d prefer to have them open instead of the pocket because they don’t fit properly.
The final thing, is that this seller probably sent me 7 emails after my order was delivered. 1 or 2, that’s fine, but they just kept at it asking for a review and trying to sell other products and I found that to be a little annoying and aggressive. I was very close to blocking them, actually.
So all in all, ill-fitting, odd fabric, strange design decision, and aggressive emailing. I think I’ll steer clear of this seller in the future.

Customer Questions & Answers

How wide does the pillow case open? I have pillows that are 20x28x5 so they are thick
Answer: they will fit 20 x 30 pillow

What kind of opening do these have? Standard opening or envelope style with the pocket? Also, what is the thread count?
Answer: Christine, these pillowcases have an envelope closing. I haven’t any idea of the thread count. There was no info in the package. I know? Weird, huh? But my daughter uses them as if regular pillowcases.

Are these hard to ??slide?? on?
Answer: These slide onto pillow very easily. Better than zipper ended cases.

Will this fit a 50 x 150 cm pilllow case ?


The size of the body pillowcase is 20 x 54 inches, about 51x 137cm. It is a bit small for the 50 x 150 cm pilllow case, we suggest that you can buy according to the actual size of the pillow. If you have any question about product, feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you solve the problem.

Welcome and??

Do you have matching flat sheets? Not fitted. If not, do you know of any that are the same shade as your dark grey?


No, we do not have the matching flat sheets. We only have white striped flat sheet. The ASIN of the white striped is ??B079BP6GM9??.

Welcome and thanks for purchasing from NTBAYHOME on Amazon.

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NTBAY Body Pillow Cover
NTBAY Body Pillow Cover
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