Mighty Vibe Spotify and Amazon Music Player – Bluetooth & Wired Headphones – 1

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5+ HOURS OF SPOTIFY AND AMAZON MUSIC PLAYLISTS & PODCASTS OFFLINE – Mighty plays your Spotify and Amazon Music playlists and podcasts offline without a phone, screen, or Internet connection. No data or WiFi is needed for playback – leave your phone at home and take your streaming music anywhere.

Top Positive Review

I bought the protection plan on the headphones and about a year in, my son borrowed my car and tossed my headphones in to the back seat of the car. While looking for them, I must have opened the door and they fell out. I couldn’t find them, but about 4 hours later, went back to the gym parking lot, go t on my hands, knees and stomach and found them under a car. Filed the claim on Wednesday night, sent the damaged headphones via UPS on Thursday morning and got the Amazon git card that night via e-mail. Ordered the replacement and another protection plan that night and I’m expecting the new Underwater Walkman to be delivered an minute (Sunday afternoon). Just got an email that the delivery guy is 10 stops away. The only one happier than me is my son, who would have been on the hook for them.

Top Critical Review

I purchased this “ACCIDENTAL PROTECTION PLAN ” for my bluetooth head set. it fell off while i was riding my 18 speed bike and the cyclist behind me accidentally rode over it. so i made a claim after all it was an accident so i contacted ausion they asked me what happened and i explained. they asked for proof of purchased for the headset and i provided that, they also asked for proof of purchase for the insurance i provided that also

I then got an email the next day stating that they could not approve my claim so after scratching my head i called

now before i purchased this ACCIDENTAL PROTECTION it stated what is NOT covered and that is
Cosmetic blemish and product still operates as designed

thats it so when i called they told me that accidental being run over by ANYTHING is not covered
i stated that is not written any where on the website or in the small print she mentioned doesnt matter
we will not process your claim

i stated so lets ssee if i got this straight
you dont cover lost and i get that
you dont cover theft and i get that
you dont cover blimshes if it still operates as designed i get that
and you dont cover accidental drop if its been ran over though that is clearly not mentioned anywhere on your website or in the fine print

She said yes.

What do you cover then ? so now i have a accidental broken bluetooth and a ACCIDENTAL 3 YEAR PROTECTION PLAN that basically doesnt cover anything so whats the point of the insurance then

so i am requseting an refund VERY VERY MISLEADING


Customer Questions & Answers

can you download playlists from spotify so you won’t need an internet connection to play?
Answer: Yes! It syncs with your playlists so you are offline when you just have your Mighty Vibe. You??ll just need to download an app to manage the sync process, but once you are synced you do not need WiFi/internet.

Can I dosnload podcasts from spotify and then listen to them?
Answer: Yes, Mighty supports Spotify podcasts!

How long will this work between syncs? Like is there a time limit where the device won’t work any longer if it hasn’t logged in with Amazon or Spotify

Once playlists have been synced to Mighty, it can playback music on its own without the assistance of a smartphone. However, both Spotify and Amazon limit 30 days of offline music playback on all devices, even Mighty. Beyond 30 days, you’ll get an error message telling you to reconnect your Mighty to WiFi (and refresh ??

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Mighty Vibe Spotify and Amazon Music Player – Bluetooth & Wired Headphones – 1
Mighty Vibe Spotify and Amazon Music Player – Bluetooth & Wired Headphones – 1
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