Midland MicroMobile 15W GMRS Two-Way Radio with Integrated Control Microphone

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2-WAY RADIO – This 2-Way Radio features 15 high power GMRS channels with 8 repeater channels.

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I have never had to use Assurion but I am going out on faith that they honor what they claim. I do have one problem. When you purchase a policy they never mention what it is for so I have had times when I wondered–well what item goes with this policy. I am hoping they read this and do something about this problem.

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I purchased a plan for an item and after the item came it did not function properly so we did the return through Amazon which they were happy to switch out the product. I also inquired about the Asurion warranty coverage to make sure it would cover the replacement product. GOOD THING I DID! They said it was non transferrable (even on the same product!) I ended up having to call Amazon and they told me to repurchase the plan that Asurion cancelled the first plan (which I only paid $5.99 for..Information to remember for later) I went ahead and repurchased the plan, however it was now 21.99…( Remember this number)) which Amazon was nice enough to give me a credit for because of all the problems. After purchasing the plan I was to call AMAZON and they told me they would contact Assurion to make sure they knew what product the new plan went with, Which I did. Amazon said they would take care of it. The following day I got an email saying that Asurion was issuing a Credit for a cancelled plan for $29.99. (notice the total??) Nothing was this price! the order number doesn’t match either of my order numbers for either of the 2 plans i bought so I emailed again to try and get some sort of resolution. I have NOT received any email nor call from Amazon or Asurion to let me know WHAT is going on. I have NO idea if I even have a plan for the gift I purchased! PLEASE BEWARE OF ASURION! May not be worth the hassle to buy this. I would hate to see if I actually had to USE the insurance!
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Customer Questions & Answers

Does this unit have channels 8-14?
Answer: NO. Channels 8-14 are for low power FRS use only. Since this is a GMRS radio it is not type accepted for the FRS frequencies.

Do you have to have a fcc lincese to us this?
Answer: Yes, to operate on GMRS channels you do.

Can I use this radio for a home base?
Answer: Yes you can, but you’ll need a 110v AC to 12v DC power converter and you’ll also need a base station type antenna.

I’m not sure why you would use this particular unit though because Midland makes a 40watt unit that would be much better suited to base station use.

Where is the power switch, on the mic or the main unit?
Answer: On the MXT275 the guts of the radio are all in the mic, so the on switch is there as well. While looking at the mic, the top of it will have 3 buttons – the middle button is the power button.

Are the privacy codes compatible with Motorola talkabout radios?

Yes, however, I also have the T600 talkabouts and I was disappointed in the range between the MXT275 and the T600. I live in the city (Boston) in a neighborhood with lots of houses, so I knew that I had obstructions to deal with. But I thought I would have gotten better performance. The MXT to T600 only got about 50??

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Midland MicroMobile 15W GMRS Two-Way Radio with Integrated Control Microphone
Midland MicroMobile 15W GMRS Two-Way Radio with Integrated Control Microphone
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