Midland 40 Watt GMRS MicroMobile Two-Way Radio – Long Range Walkie Talkie

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2-WAY RADIO – The 40 Watt MicroMobile walkie talkie is equipped with 15 High/Low Power GMRS channels and 8 Repeater Channels for increased communication range.

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I have purchased several Asurion protection plans over the years. I have only used the plan maybe twice, but its nice knowing that I have a warranty longer than the manufacturers warranty. It seems like some items always fail shortly after the original warranty. On the occasions where I have had to actually use the warranty, Asurion was easy to deal with to get a refund on the item.

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I have purchased several products and protection plans for them with hopes that assurion would fill the gap in the event the products manufacturer is not helpful with their factory warranty. I have tried to make a warranty request through the manufacturer but they are not helping with my issue. I have reached out to assurion for their help since I purchased a 3 year plan (but it is only good for 3 years from date of purchase BUT they dont mention how they will not help until the 1 year manufacturer warranty runs out, therefore this purchase is false advertisement as it really is only a 2 year coverage and doesnt start until 1 year after the purchase.
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Customer Questions & Answers

what is considered the mic holder

You can, if you wish, buy a mic “button” to replace the metal hook on the mic allowing you to use more typical mobile mic hangers in your vehicle (such as the trident shaped mic hangers). The buttons just bolt on in the place of the original metal hook bracket though you will need to add a thin washer or spacer to pro??

Being 40 watts can you run it through a vehicals cigarette lighter or only direct conection to battery?

On US cars the fuse for a cig lighter is 15 amps or more. To run a 13.8 vdc device at 40 watts: I(A) = P(W) / V(V) or 2.8985507246 = 40/13.8 Since less than 3 amps is required by this device I believe that 15 amps allows for 5 of these to be operating in your cig. lighter and then you might blow the 15 amp little fus??

Does a CB antenna work with this radio or do you have to buy a midland antenna?


A CB antenna is tuned to the 26-27 MHz frequency range with a wavelength of approximately 11 meters, found in the HF or high frequency range of spectrum.

GMRS is in the UHF spectrum at 462-467 MHz with a wavelength of 65 centimeters.

How is the MXT 400 a “walkie talkie”?
Answer: It isn’t a “walkie talkie” for sure, but it allows you to talk to others with walkie talkies from much father ranges.

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Midland 40 Watt GMRS MicroMobile Two-Way Radio – Long Range Walkie Talkie
Midland 40 Watt GMRS MicroMobile Two-Way Radio – Long Range Walkie Talkie
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