Memorex 4x DVD-RW Media

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Memorex 4x DVD-RW Media

This refurbished product is tested and certified to look and work like new. The refurbishing process includes functionality testing, basic cleaning, inspection, and repackaging. The product ships with all relevant accessories, and may arrive in a generic box

Top Positive Review

I have been using these discs successfully in my Magnavox H2160MW9 DVD Recorder since December 2009. It is the only brand I have ever used in the Recorder, and I’ve gone through quite a lot of them. A couple months ago, when it came time to get more, it was a no-brainer. I ordered three packs.

A few weeks passed before I actually needed to format a new disc. When I did, though, I got a “Recording Error. Cannot record on this disc. Error code E 4 54039000”. This occurred on repeated attempts, with different discs from the spindle, without a single one formatting. However, previously formatted discs that still had space on them accepted new recordings. Two possibilities: I either got an entire spindle of bad discs, or my Recorder is starting to show its age. It is almost 9 years old, after all. Given the great reliability these discs have shown over the years, I figured the problem was probably the latter. I tried blowing compressed air into the Recorder, repeatedly, no luck. I tried using a DVD Lens Cleaner, repeatedly, no luck. I am reluctant to take the machine apart, as some message boards have suggested. I debated about buying another brand of discs, but had no guarantee they would fare any better.

Just today, I tried something new. I was curious if I could format the disc in another device, then try it in the Recorder. I downloaded the manual, which said “DVD-RW recorded in the mode other than +VR [(video recording) format] is not recordable on this unit unless you erase all contents in the disc.” Okay. Using my Win10 laptop, I formatted a disc “like a USB drive”. I then put it into the DVD Recorder, saw limited disc options, and proceeded to erase it. The Dubbing menu was now enabled, and I recorded 2 titles onto the disc, with space for more. I expect this to work for the remainder of my discs, but will update if it does not work.

Strange coincidence, then, that just today Amazon prompted me to write a review for these discs. It is coincidence, right?

Anyway, I am still happy with these discs and think they work great. My particular use for them will now take a little bit longer, but hopefully this story will help someone else experiencing similar issues.

Top Critical Review

I bought these to try them with my Magnavox dvd recorder. I have always used dvd-r discs. My recorder is at least 10 yrs old but still works fine with dvd-r??s. None of these dvd-rw??s worked with it. Maybe they??ll work with a computer, if I can get one someday. I hoped to use them to save money on discs. I do a lot of video recording. Don??t buy these for your old dvd recorder unless you know for sure it will accept them. I gambled and lost. The dvd-r??s I use are Memorex and work fine with this old recorder. So I??m very disappointed that the dvd-rw??s from the same company didn??t.

Customer Questions & Answers

can you burn music into these? if not, which ones besides cd-r?
Answer: I can’t tell you for sure but I have burned Videos with music on them.

What is the difference between RW 2x vs 4x dvd disc’s?
Answer: The speed that it burns. Better results are at a slower speed. If you have a 4x burner, then I would consider a 4x dvd .

I want to transfer home video vhs tapes to dvd, my funai zv472fx4 recorder says i need dvd-rw/-r. what is the difference of an -rw to just a -r?
Answer: Minus RW (-RW) means that the disk is rewriteable. Minus R (-r) means that you can record on it once. You can’t erase it. It would be best if you used -rw.

is there room to record 6 hrs?
Answer: Depends on the speed of your recording. At lowest resolution it can record 6 hrs.

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Memorex 4x DVD-RW Media
Memorex 4x DVD-RW Media
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