Magicfly 2 Pack Under Desk Cable Management

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?Easy cable management messy hanging wires! ?This under desk cord organizer can be installed under any wood, MDF or particleboard desk, occupying little space. It is perfect for your HDMI cables, power cables, outlet strips and wires so that you can enjoy clutter free in your office, living room & kid room. One set contains 2 separated racks (17in Length each) with a total of 34 inches trays to help you organize & clean up the messy cables.

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Most of the alternatives on Amazon at the time of my purchase were around $25 for a single tray and no other useful extras. Getting 2 trays in addition to 3 cord holders and some cable ties presented what looked like a much better value than the alternatives.

Overall, I think these are solid. They’re definitely sturdy enough to hold your components, and it would take a pretty considerable bump to bend or damage them in any way.

The reason I’m discounting a star is two-fold, both are minor gripes that would not prevent me from recommending this or purchasing again.

1. Most of the holes are not big enough to fit pretty standard plug/adapter sizes. It would have been nice if a little more thoughtfulness went into the design to insure most reasonably sized plugs and adapters would be routed through the trays for easier access and cable management.

2. The bottom of the tray isn’t large enough to allow most power adapters or docking stations or whatever you might want to throw in there to sit flat on the bottom. I have an 8-plug surge protector (two rows of inlets) that has to sit tilted in the tray because it is not wide enough. I realize there will always be SOMETHING that is too big for the tray no matter how big they make it, but I feel like a two-row surge protector is a fairly common appliance that should have been considered in design. It works having the surge protector tilted, so again, this is a minor complaint, but a complaint nonetheless.

Overall, I’d highly recommend this for the value it presents compared to the alternatives.

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Screws not included in box. I would appreciate some screws.

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Magicfly 2 Pack Under Desk Cable Management
Magicfly 2 Pack Under Desk Cable Management
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