Made for Amazon SanDisk 128GB microSD Memory Card for Fire Tablets and Fire -TV

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Exclusive ??Made for Amazon?? SD memory card – The only one tested and certified to work with your Fire Tablet and Fire TV

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I had a Seagate drive go bad and its Rescue Data Recovery Plan had expired by 7 months.. Guess what!!? Rescue decided to help recover the drive anyway! When was the last time a person or company did something to help you when they didn’t have to? They recovered all our data and sent the drive back. All totally free, thus saving us a minimum of 70 hours of work on just one project. I’m so grateful for this company and their understanding of how critical data is to people’s lives nowadays. I bought this Rescue plan for this micro-SD, not to protect my data, but as a way of saying thank you to Rescue Data Recovery Systems and their parent company Seagate. You guys are great and we appreciate all the work you did on your behalf.

Top Critical Review

I wish I would’ve read the reviews that were posted on the app that you need to download in order for this thing to work. Oh yea in which case it doesn’t work! I’m so furious! I really wanted to free up space on my phone. After you plug your it into your phone. it says you have all this free room. Because it doesn’t work!! AT ALL!! Now I have to be bothered with returning it!! I guess that’s what I get for not buying something Apple Certified!
What a waste of money and time!!!

Customer Questions & Answers

will it work with fire hd 7, i ordered the 64gb but can’t find were to install it
Answer: The Fire HD 7 does *not* have a slot for micro-SD cards. You can order it with 8 GB or 16 GB of internal storage. In practice, this is not so bad since you can use Amazon Cloud Drive to store content, especially music and video.

can I use a commercial sd card?
Answer: You can but it doesn’t run as well. You want a class 10 micro SD card or you will be experiencing some delays and difficulties using certain apps. I learned my lesson!

Does anyone know if this card comes with any kind of warranty? Ours stopped working for no reason. The tablet can’t read it anymore. 🙁

I’ve had this same issue myself. Please don’t just jump to the conclusion that it’s an Amazon problem, a SanDisk problem and/or both. I’ve experienced this same issue with the “Made for Amazon” 16, 32 and 64GB cards. I’ve also had the same experience with higher end cards made by PNY, Samsung, Lexar, Transcend and Sony??

what is the HC and the XC mean on the card? Is one better than the other?
Answer: SD stands for “Secure Digital”, SDHC stands for “Secure Digital High Capacity”, SHXC stands for “Secure Digital eXtended Capacity”. From the names only you can tell he main difference in all three i.e. storage capacity. SDHC cards offers between 4GB to 32GB and SDXC offers more than 32GB.

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Made for Amazon SanDisk 128GB microSD Memory Card for Fire Tablets and Fire -TV
Made for Amazon SanDisk 128GB microSD Memory Card for Fire Tablets and Fire -TV
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