Lost Dimension – PlayStation Vita

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A Cataclysmic Whodunnit!: Not only will players have to keep their eyes focused on strategically defeating the enemies laying in wait on the field of combat, but they need to carefully watch party members’ tendencies in order to expose the traitor.

Top Positive Review

Whether someone is looking for a game with great graphics, a good stroyline, a whodunnit style game, or just like fighting enemies, this is definitely a game worth checking out. In this game, you play as a group of psychics whose mission is to defeat an agent of the apocalypse called “The End” who will destroy the world within several days. Each character is armed with a specific psychic power and helps with the combat. However, traitors are within the ranks and it is the job of the main character to identify them, convince the others and weed them out in order to advance. The gameplay mainly revolves around completing missions that focus on eliminating enemies and having conversations with the other psychics to develop your bonds. The great thing about this game is that the traitors are selected randomly with each playthrough, so it almost never the same twice, with the exception of the first traitor in the first playthrough to demonstrate how the game works. The game has cool graphics, amazing music, a fairly interesting storyline and good character development. The only thing I would point out as flaws are the long and semi-frequent loading times between scenes, how the camera sometimes moves to a wall or something that blocks viewing the characters attacks, and a severe lack of a difficulty system for those who enjoy a challenge. The one thing that I would say is missing from this game is a content gallery, mainly because the music is that awesome, in my opinion. Overall, I really enjoyed playing the game and I would at least recommend others to check it out.

Top Critical Review

The story is pretty weak. They just tell you what’s happening in the beginning and thrust you into the middle of it. There’s no buildup or amazing developments. The entire game takes place in a tower. You can’t move around or explore. It’s all menu driven outside of battle.

Characters: You have a mixed cast filling a variety of common tropes. They’re not bad per se, but none of the characters felt very endearing to me. The dialogue between the characters feels very stiff. The special dialogue you get when you raise their affinity to a certain point where you learn more about a character’s backstory results in inane idle chitchat where nothing significant is really said. It doesn’t even come close to the level of humor or character development you get in something like Fire Emblem’s support conversations or Persona’s Social Links. I probably won’t remember any of them long after I beat the game.

Gameplay: It has some good concepts but the execution isn’t the best. Movement is a little clunky. The game revolves around the assist system to do multiple attacks per turn. But the system isn’t very balanced as anyone can assist an unlimited number of times per turn, resulting in lengthy attacks from both the enemies and allies. That said, the combat is the best feature of the game and can be fairly addicting. The skill system is pretty good, similar to an Etrian Odyssey skill tree. It offers a lot of customization while keeping characters specialized so they’re not all blank slates.

Music: Nothing amazing. The music they play during dialogue(which you will be hearing a lot) is actually very grating. They could’ve gone for a softer tone. And it restarts every time you talk to someone so you hear the beginning over and over again.

Performance: On the vita, there are some notable issues. First, in the main menu hub where you choose to talk/equip/missions, everything moves a little sluggishly. There’s no apparent slowdown during combat, but there is sometimes a brief(1-2seconds) loading screen between attacks. I didn’t find it game breaking, but it may bother some people. The game did crash once on me when I was going to talk to a character. This is the first time a game on the vita has crashed on me. It had autosaved after the previous battle so I only lost a few minutes of progress, but any console game that crashes at all is a big nono in my book.

Overall: I think the game is fine if you get it on a good discount or you’re just really hungry for more Vita Jrpgs. The concept of randomized character betrayal/death hurt more than it helped. If there was a character you liked but the RNG determined them to be the traitor for that floor, you either had to vote them off and lose them or purposefully keep the traitor just so you can keep using them but screw yourself for the ending. Not to mention I think the randomization made them feel they could get away with subpar character development. The gameplay is the only saving grace, so depending on how much emphasis you put on gameplay over story, it could be a decent time. But in the grand scheme of things, it’s a mediocre title in a sea of jrpgs.

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Lost Dimension – PlayStation Vita
Lost Dimension – PlayStation Vita
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