Koss UR20 Over-Ear Headphones

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Frequency Response – 18Hz-24kHz and Impedance – 16 ohms

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Hey Guys, Dino Here!

So, I’ll be the first to admit that i own about 16+ pairs of headphones…yeah I’m that guy haha and when i saw these, i just had to buy them. At just under $15 the build quality and sound from these little guys (jokes) amazes me, i prefer them over my Sennheiser 320s (which were about $100) when using them in the daily setting. These do produce sound quality better than most standard headsets but they are not comparable to studio headphones. So if you’re looking for a cheap alternative when it comes to audio editing/monitoring, these aren’t the best option.

I must say that the lows and the bass on these are decent. It’s deep and fairly strong. For listening to rap or hip hop, these sound pretty good but these seem to lack a little in the mids and especially the highs. While listening to orchestra styled music you’ll have a harder time with instrument separation because of that.

– Sturdy Build Quality & Design
– 30k – 20k Hz Frequency response
– Over The Ear Style
– Closed Back Cups
– Very Lightweight
– Pretty Good Sound Isolation
– Flexible & Comfortable Headband
– Single Entry 8 Foot Cord, Thick & Durable
– Includes 1/8 inch & 1/4 Inch Adapters

These are big and cushioned, I’ve had them on for hours while streaming Netflix or music. I hate headphones with the cords permanently attached (pet peeve of mine) but dauym these things have a seriously long cord, which makes up for it being attached. It’s listed at 8 feet but measuring mine shows just about 9.2 feet. Super Long! Most other headphones in this price bracket I’ve come across have shorter cable, about 3-5 feet and are usually not to comfortable to wear for long periods. Also, if you register you’re pair, It’ll be covered under the Koss Stereophones Limited Lifetime Warranty. They are super cheap AND have a lifetime warranty? lol Hell Yeah! Surprisingly, despite being the cheapest full-sized option I know of, the UR-20??s offer both acceptable durability and listening.

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Top Critical Review

Edit: I’ve had these for a while now, and I’m dropping a star. Why? Sound quality. It’s not as good as the $16 monoprice cans. Sometimes, these Koss UR-20 sound barely acceptable. Detailed review of them, compared to a few other models, below, unedited.

I have four different sets of cheap-ish (Sub-$30 on Amazon) over the ear cans. (Cans are headphones, BTW!) This review compares the Koss UR-20 to the other three. I focus on things I can easily measure, but don’t dwell much, if at all, on “quality of sound”.

Spoiler alert: The Koss takes second place!

The contenders:
Monoprice Premium Headphones Hi-Fi Over the Ear (far right in picture)
Koss UR-20 (Middle right)
Sennheiser HD 202 (Far left in picture)
Audio-technica ATH-T22 (Middle left)

What they all have in common:
– 1/8″ plugs (Some come with 1/4″ adapters)
– Over the ear
– Adjustable

Pros and Cons of each:

— Strongest signal of the bunch.
— Removable cord
— Comes with two different cords
— Has the longest cord of the four
— Best isolation of the bunch
— Top of head padding
— Crappy name: Monoprice Premium Headphones Hi-Fi Over the Ear Pro DJ Style With Gold-Plated Adaptor Plug
— Ear-surrounding chamber could be a little bigger. These had the second-smallest internal/ear area of the bunch.

==Koss UR-20==
— Huge cans. Big enough for any ear. Biggest of the lot.Won’t even touch your ears.
— Good isolation. (2nd best)
— Shortest cord, by far.
— No top of head padding. Just a cloth strip.
— Heaviest, by far.

==Sennheiser HD 202==
— Second-longest cord
— Decent top of head padding
— Easily removable ear cups, if that’s your thing.
— Lightest headphones
— Poor isolation
— Smallest ear chambers
— Each can has its own wire lead
— models HD202 and HD202 MK11 are the same headphones and only the packaging differs. Sketchy.

==Audio-technica ATH-T22==
— Decent sized ear chambers
— Second lightest
— No top head padding.
— The worst isolation
— Each can has its own wire lead
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Customer Questions & Answers

What’s the difference between the UR-20 Stereo Headphones and the UR-20 Home Headphones?

The Home Headphones have a 100 foot wireless ability. The plain UR-20’s, which I got, are hard wired to the source. The headphones are mostly made from plastic and can’t take a lot of banging around, so you might want to consider the wireless ones. I use mine for commuting and they got banged around, now they are taped??

I have bought one koss headphones, it works great.now i am looking for a wireless headphones at an affordable price,would you recommend one for me?
Answer: Hi, I would highly recommend Meidong E6 wireless headphone with noise cancelling at an affordable price.I owned one for watching TVs at night,very comfortable.Click here to see if it is what you wanted: http://a.co/e129jhc

Do these Headphones have volume control??
Answer: No volume control

Can I use these in my Skype sessions
Answer: It’s only headphones without a microphone, but as long as you can plug it into your device you could hear whatever is sound it outputs.

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Koss UR20 Over-Ear Headphones
Koss UR20 Over-Ear Headphones
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