KK-837-12S ELECTRONIC Calculators

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LARGE DISPLAY: 12 Digits, better vision, eye-angled, upright LCD display; Auto power off (10 minutes don’t use).

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This calculator does the job for the simple stuff the keypad has good tactile feedback and if you want the cheapest calculator you can get you may have found it. It doesn??t have a square root key but then does the ordinary Joe need that function. The finish on the case don??t compare to the name brand calculators but then they cost a couple of dollars more and the finish of a case don??t make the calculations bettor.
This calculator is purported to operate with battery power or solar cell power I first tested it without a battery just solar power it didn??t work. . Next I added a AAA battery and it worked fine.
To me the important things are good key spacing, good tactile feedback and correct numbers.
It does that

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I know… $8 and it functions, so just shut up, right! Well, okay yes… it functions. It does basic math and stuff.

One thing I do like about it is the solar power thing. It actually works in the dimmest of lights. Even the computer screen provides enough light to make it work. I read in one review where the guy said he put a battery in it just in case there’s sometimes not enough light. But if there is enough light to read the screen, there’s enough light to power it!

Two major things I don’t like though. One is the All clear function and the Clear Entry function. If you do a calculation and put the result in memory, then you there’s no way to clear the screen without wiping out the memory. I find it annoying that All Clear, wipes out the memory. It shouldn’t. Only pressing the Memory Clear key should do that. (It would also be nice if these calculators would hold whatever is in memory even after you turn it off so it’s there when you come back… but I know none of them do that).

The other problem is the keys have a “wobbly” and unstable feeling about them, which makes it hard to be accurate with your key presses when you’re moving fast. And the fact that the calculator is so light, it moves around on the desk when you press the keys, making it even more unstable and more difficult to press what you want.

Anyway, with that said, it was just 8 bucks and it does perform the calculations accurately, and it has a 12-digit readout. So, if that’s what you want, it should be fine for you. I ended up buying a different one that was double the price but solves the problems I mentioned here.

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KK-837-12S ELECTRONIC Calculators
KK-837-12S ELECTRONIC Calculators
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