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Loud, extremely durable, operates up to 300 feet, and battery lasts up to 18 months

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Painfully loud…REALLY. The way this item works is there are two devices; one on your keys, and one you keep handy in case you misplace your keys. You press a button on your device you kept handy and it SCREECHES a VERY LOUD signal to the other device attached to your lost keys. It does work, however you may have to move around your house and try more than once in case the keys are under a sofa cushion, etc. And if you can’t find your handy device, you can use Key Ringer’s website to play the horrible screech to call for your lost keys ([…]),

Funny but true: it is so loud, that the chronic key loser in our house has not misplaced keys since we bought these because they hate the loud screeching signal! So you can say this device works in more than one way.

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You double click one to find the other, is how this works. However, when you double click the one, BOTH of them beep loudly. How are you supposed to listen for the other one, when the one you are holding is basically screaming????!

I tried to adjust the volume on the website, and I’m pretty sure I followed the instructions to a tee and was unable to adjust the call volume. The website has these instructions:
“Press (do not double-click) the Double-Click button on the KeyRinger and release the button immediately when the light comes on (approximately three seconds). You should then hear a long-short-long beep indicating that the KeyRinger is in Programming Mode.”

First of all, when you hold down the button (a single time) the light comes on almost immediately. and no long-short beep whatsoever. I messed around with it for about 10 mins to see if I could get it to programming mode, and no luck.

I double clicked it to see if it would still call the other one after messing around with the button (just to be on the safe side), and it did. When I pressed the button on the “called” one to silence it, it did a really weird beep that got louder and louder until I pressed it once again to silence it for a second time.

I really needed some type of gadget to stop losing my keys, so I’m keeping this for emergency purposes only.
But if it comes to the point where I actually need to use this, I will have to muffle the “calling” ringer with a pillow or something so I can actually find the other one.
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Customer Questions & Answers

how durable if dropped?
Answer: Extremely durable. I am the queen of dropping my keys and it works like the first day I got it. I honestly can’t live without this. I have one on my cell phone case too. You will love it.

Will this device work inside a building that has bad cell phone reception?
Answer: Our devices do not rely on cell phones. The KeyRingers communicate with each other using a coded sequence of audible tones. As long as the KeyRinger that you are calling can hear the tone sequence from the calling KeyRinger it should respond and start beeping.

Can I buy more of the double stick foam tape. It has been very durable and I need to move the device to my new phone.
Answer: Send us your request for additional double-stick tape, name, and address ans we will send you several pieces.

Other key locaters have a sample of the sound it will emit. where can i hear the sound the keyringer will make to see if it is loud enough for my dad

We do not have a sound sample available online. If we did have a sample, the volume would be determined by how loud you have the speakers on your computer set. Our device responds around 4 KHz and it is the loudest available. You can purchase it and return it for a full refund within 90 days if it does not work satisfa??

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